Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Blood Ombre Nails


Happpy Halloweeeen mes amis!!!

Please enjoy my Blackened Bloody Gradient / Ombre Nails--perfect for any Halloween attire & personnage--zombies, vampires, witches, ghosts and ghouls (as well as the sexy nurses, cops, cat women, and pirate wenches). This nail design is versatile and can be worn with any costume--that's why I chose it!! Aaaah if only I could bleed glittaaah :)))
See more pix & read more for deets :)

To achieve a gradient or ombre effect on your nails, you'll need three nail polishes of a light, medium, and dark color. For this design, I used (left to right):
  • Sinful Colors in Merlot (my lightest)
  • Soo Nails in #s18 (my medium)
  • Sinful Colors in What's Your Name (my darkest)
  • Soo Nails in #s155--Black Knights (glitter)
  • Duri Rejuvacote as a base and top coat (not pictured)
As you can see, the medium nail polish color (Soo Nails #s18) is the middle color between my lightest (Merlot) and my darkest (What's Your Name), so choosing the polishes in this manner makes the gradient job half complete.

Gradient Nails How-to: 

  1. To start off, I applied one coat of the middle color over my base coat and let it dry. I did this on all of my nails. The rest of the steps were completed one nail at a time. TIP: I untwisted my nail polishes, to help me move quickly.
  2. Taking the lightest color and a generous amount of polish, I began to swipe the nail polish over the root of my nail, bringing the bulk of the product towards the center of my nail. 
  3. This part is tricky, so you have to work fast. Taking the middle color and a generous amount of polish, I dipped it into the previous polish at the center of my nail, where the two met and dragged the two polishes towards the tip of my nail.
  4. Taking the final dark color, I repeated the same procedure as in step 3, starting just below the root of my nail tip.
  5. To finish off the rest of my nails, I repeated steps 2-4 on each nail, waited for them to dry and added the glitter polish to the tips of my nails. 

Although a true gradient effect is best achieved with a sponge or layering, my way is quicker and way easier (though the result is not as perfect). On some nails, you can see the harsh transition between the colors, but for the most part, it is still quite "Ombre" and I like it!!!
different lighting, before my top coat

Maryam Maquillage


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