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Natural Falsies + Pink Lemonade


Today's post is gonna be a long one, so brace yourself for a lash review and a makeup tutorial with heavy pictures :)) Here's a sneak peak:
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The lovely people at KKCenterHK have sent me some more lashes for review and consideration, so today I'm going over style number A855, described as ES Brand Densely Criss-Cross Black Fake Eyelash. So far, these are my everyday favorites because they are very natural and super easy to wear. My favorite part is the clear, flexible band because it is easily maneuverable and can fit any eye shape. The densely packed hair fibers are cut in such a way that they emulate real lashes, just much thicker and longer. In essence, these false lashes look and feel very real and would be perfect for every day use--even for school or work. 
The box comes with 10 pairs and costs $15.58, so for $1.56 a pair, this is an absolute steal and a great deal for a makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup. I would've loved to use these on my friend Amy and her bridal party, but the package arrived later, so these babies will have to wait for my next bridal job :))

As with most lashes, these can be cut and customized to individual preferences. I cut mine a bit shorter to blend in with my real lashes. Seeing as there is no flare at the outer corner of the lash strip, the tapered design is what makes these lashes appear so natural.
If applied right, the "false" aspect of these lashes can go virtually unnoticeable (besides, no one should be getting that close to you--my zoom lens is an exception :) Make sure you have a good liner to go over the clear band and stick the falsies to the root of your lashes.

Now, on to the maquillage!!
Pink + Yellow = My Favorite Color Combination (see here). I'm in love with both eyeshadow shades, so wearing them together makes me feel really flirty, fun and girly! I added a touch of gold at the outer corner wing and concentrated the pink above the crease. 

To create this eye look, I used yellow, light pink and bright pink from the Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette. I used a matte pale lavender (not pictured) for blending the pink and Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow (not pictured) for the touch of gold. 

Again, check out how "almost" natural these falsies are!! I am just loving this pair with a daytime makeup look!! Love love love 'em :)))

To recreate this MAKEUP LOOK, start with a good sticky base and/or primer. For yellow eyeshadows, I ALWAYS use my NYX base in white. The sticky consistency helps the powder adhere to the lid and makes the yellow color stand out. I apply this product all over my lid using my ring finger and patting motions.
  1. With a flat stiff eyeshadow brush and patting motions once again, I build up the yellow color by packing it onto my lid, while staying under the crease.
  2. Next, I use a chunky / fluffy dome shaped brush to apply the light pink eyeshadow onto the crease and blend it with the yellow.
  3. To blend out the outer edge of the pink, I use a lavender eyeshadow on the same dome brush and bring the color up to my eyebrow.
  4. To add dimension and definition to the eye, I use a pencil brush (small tapered brush) and a bright pink eyeshadow to redefine the crease at the outer corner and blend it out.
  5. Next, I add a bit of gold to the inner and outer corners of the eye, as well as to the high point of my brow arch.
  6. I finish the look with some falsies and a heavily lined lid. TIP: Light eyeshadows tend to make our eyes appear smaller, and since my eyes are already on the small side, I need the liner to help them stand out of the crowd :))
For my TWO-TONED Lippes, I used:

  • NYX lipliner in Natural
  • Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude (center)
  • NYX Mega Shine lipgloss in La-La. I love this color--it is the perfect watermelon pink!!
LIP TIP: Two-toned lips (with the lighter color in the center of the mouth) give the appearance of a fuller pout. This is a big trend right now, so try it while its HOT!!! 


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