Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Wedding Belles

Salut mes belles!!

Happy Wednesday and a BIG, happy "yipppeeeee" to my 500 followers :)) I'm very excited to reach this monumental figure and I'm thinking of ways to celebrate you all, so please stay tuned!!!

As the title of my post suggests, today's maquillage du jour is dedicated to bridal / wedding makeup, featuring the most beautiful bride I've yet to lay my eyes on: my dear friend Amelia. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for Amy and her bridal party, as well as attending the lovely ceremony and reception afterwards. The day was filled with so much love, joy and excitement--the most fun I've ever had at a wedding--that I just had to share this beautiful occasion with my readers. 

Here's Amy, the main wedding belle in all her beauteous glory!!! <3
Isn't she STUNNING!!?

The wedding of Amy & Ryon took place on a drizzly, romantic Saturday afternoon, in a spectacular NYC penthouse loft with breathtaking panoramic views of Manhattan and the Empire State Building. As the raindrops laid kisses on the sunroof above, the happy couple exchanges their vows and their union became official. I've been to many weddings and I've never seen a ceremony as romantic as this one--witnessing this event sure made me and the rest of the guests very teary eyed and mushy. 

Just look at that fantastic view! It is truly inspiring and with Lady Empire as the guest of honor, who can not be impressed? Glorious, dahhhlingggg.....

Below is a quick collage of Amy and Ryon (center), Amy dancing with her dad (top right), bro & sisters, bridesmaids, Lady Empire, and all the fun galore that was had (check out that claw-foot tub full of beer)!!!

Sadly, my camera died shortly after I got to the wedding, but not before I could snap some pix of me and my bff's :)) 

Yes, I'm a midget or maybe my friends are too tall (left to right): Thanks to my bff Chrissy (you may remember her from my posts) for kicking her Louby to the side and attempting to be less... tall; Gina, my high school bestie and author of all the pictures in this post; and Dee, my hot dancer bff who is also Beyonce's body double--you've seen her many many times :))) Woot woot!!! 
Moi, with the Empire on my mind!
last but not least

Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. Dear Maryam,

    Yes, the bride looked stunning
    but you look hott.

    If I made a "Pretty Ladies" list
    you'd be at the top.


  2. I like this post! You and your friends look beautiful and the bride is perfect! really great photos =)

    and congrats for your 500 followers!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous dress on the bride! She looked lovely!

    And you look hawt! Va-va-voom! Loves the skirt!

  4. congrats to ur friend she looked lovely <3

  5. Holy crap you look HOTTT!
    You did an amazing job on the brides's makeup as well ;D

  6. I love weddings! The bride looked beautiful and you look great too of course ;)


  7. what a beautiful bride, you done a great job on her make up, she looks so gorgeous and natural!!
    BUT we have to say, you look absolutely and totally HOT! we have a body envy!!

    check out our blog too if you have a minute, we are now following you love P&C xxx

  8. Beautiful post and pictures!! And congrats for reaching 500 followers :D

  9. Oh my goodness, your friend looked amazing on her wedding. What a gorgeous job you did with her makeup!

    And you are lookin' so pretty too babe! Love the white lace skirt~

  10. What a beautiful bride! You look hott, girl! Work it. :D

  11. you and the bride look gorgeous!

  12. wow, you have the HOTTEST figure, totally marilyn monroe bombshell :D

    loooooove the bride's gown, so pretty

  13. Maryam you sexy beast!! I LOVE that skirt! May I borrow it? kthx.:P Oh and the pic on the bottom left of the collage..That's totally like the beginning of a fetish movie.

  14. omg her dress looks stunning!!!!!!!!! I wish I had this one for my wedding :D

    you look so sexy! I love your heels!

  15. OMG, you done her make up? now that's SUPER COOL! she looks stunning <33 and thanks for your comment on my blog too ^^/

  16. thank you girls :))
    @Sonia: YES, that is exactly why I posted that pic in the collage, I thought it was sooo shexxxyyy.... the girl is the bride's sister and that's her bf :)))

  17. Congratulatiosn on reaching 500. And Amy certainly is head-turning, beautiful bride. ^^

  18. Amy looks stunning! Not surprising, you are so talented in makeup ;) and you look HOT, moya dorogaya!

  19. Yaay!! Congrats on hitting 500! :D The bride looks beautiful. You did an amazing job! <3 And you look drop dead gorgeous as always.

  20. Congratulations on 500 followers! I have to say, you and your friends are HOT!!

  21. Where did you get your shoes??? Love them


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