Sunday, October 9, 2011


Salut mes belles!!

Hope you're all doing well on this beautiful Sunday :)) Looks like summer is back up in NYC for the next couple of days and I'm celebrating with a bright and funky nail art to offset my red, yellow and orange warm weather outfits. Here's my "seafloor-slash-avatar" teal/turquoise/aqua nailart, hope you like it!!
Read more for pix :))

For the base color, I used Tropez Super Pearl Nail Enamel in Aqua Pearl. Personally, I think this color is fantastical--it is really bright, shimmery and pearly with a two-tone quality. Take away the shimmer and the polish looks blue, put it in the light and the golden teal shimmers transform it into a really flattering aquamarine. Well, there's really no transformation here, it just depends on how you look at it :))
  1. Tropez Super Pearl Nail Enamel in Aqua Pearl. I purchased this one next to the Milani section at a Duane Reade or another pharmacy of the sort.
  2. Sinful Colors limited edition Nail Art polish in Lagoon used to draw the "seaweed".
  3. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Silver used for the dots.
  4. Soo Nails nail lacquer in #s121 used for the tip.

I love wearing bright colors with other bright colors, and I'm really looking forward to wearing this nail look with some yellow gold jewelry, perhaps Indian gold and a red outfit. In the following pic, I'm holding a coral bracelet, just to show you how great the two colors look together :)))
Surprisingly dainty for my "other hand"

Maryam Maquillage


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