Friday, December 30, 2011

Black Caviar Nails

Hello friends :))

Today's nail design was created using products sent to me for review by the kind people at the Born Pretty Store. This online nail/beauty supplier offers tons of products for nail artists and enthusiasts; plus other gadgets, cosmetics, and hair items for all beauty lovers. For this nail design, I used a matte nail polish & some black rhinestones to create this Black Caviar inspired manicure:
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Products Used

Brand: Yimane Nail with Suede finish

Price: $5.30 (wholesale options available)
Description: This nail polish dries in seconds and delivers a 100% matte (suede) finish. The extra wide brush assists in quick application and results in perfect, streak-free matte nails. Two coats of this nail polish are more than enough to achieve a sensational matte black manicure with a warm purple undertone.

Verdict: I am absolutely in love with this nail polish and cannot wait to try more colors! The matte aka dull aka suede finish is so refreshing from all the shiny, shimmery and glittery nail polishes. I will rock this manicure with pride for New Years Eve!!!

Matte Dull worn alone

On to the Rhinestones!

Price: $3.33 (wholesale options available) 

Description: Easy to use wheel package containing 12 colors of 2 mm rhinestones, ranging from silver to black to everything in-between.

Verdict: Great quality rhinestones comparable to other leading brands at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for nail art and decoration.

Dark Purple matte polish + Black Rhinestones = Easy but Edgy Nail Design
  1. I started by filing my nails to an oval shape (I usually wear squared off tips)
  2. Next, I applied one layer of my base coat and followed by two coats of the matte purple polish
  3. Picking up my rhinestones with a damp orange stick (you can also use a match or a toothpick), I applied them on top of a thin strip of nail glue to the root of my nails.
  4. For my thumb design, I used needle-nose tweezers to pick up the rhinestones and dipped them into nail glue before attaching them onto the nail.

Luxe, Edgy, Dark, Rich & Black Caviar Nails :))


Maryam Maquillage


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