Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"No Makeup" Makeup made 4 CHILLIN'

Bonjour mes amis,

Question: How many of you prefer natural makeup over dramatic makeup? 

Confession: I DO... *

*For every day, that is :)))

Every day does not mean school, work or shopping--these are all responsibilities that we wish weren't a part of our daily lives--hence, we want to look our best when are trying to achieve, accomplish and earn so that we can do the things we really like to do. What I'm taking about is something we New Yorkers like to refer to as CHILLIN'... We go to school and work, we run errands and pay our bills, we hustle and bustle, so that we can ultimately just chill. One can chill in front of the TV with a glass of wine or on a beach with a stack of magazines and a piña colada or simply sober on a nature trail, so whatever tickles your fancy, you can chill anyway you like!! For my chill occasions, I like to be simple: "no makeup" makeup, natural hair, my sweats and my smile :))) Off I go!
Read more to see my makeup breakdown!

I prefer to wear no makeup at home, however, I'll put on a little something if I know I'll be stepping out throughout the day. This simple "no makeup" makeup look took me no more that 5 minutes to put on and instantly made me feel natural, yet comfortable in my own skin. My pix were taken on a chill Sunday that consisted of a walk in the park, lunch at a local Thai spot, laundry-day, skype-dates, and winding down in front of the TV avec du vin... 
 For this "No Makeup" CHILL look, I used the following makeup products:

  • Benefit Erase Paste in 03 (Dark)--a must-have concealer for natural makeup looks--the peachy undertone neutralizes the blue in dark circles and makes them disappear out of sight.
  • Bare Minerals matte foundation in Golden Medium--the buildable coverage of this mineral foundation is perfect for a natural look. Apply a sheer layer all over your face and a bit more on your trouble zones to hide imperfections.
  • Bare Minerals all-over color in Glee--same as the foundation, a little goes a long way, so use it sparingly to add a bit of color to your cheeks.
  • Shu Uemura eyelash curler--give yourself the appearance of bigger eyes by curling your lashes.
  • NYX eye liner pencil in Charcoal--gray eye liner is more natural than black.
  • Benefit Benetint--this cheek/lip stain gives the most natural, beautiful, rosy color one can ever get from a bottle. One swipe of Benetint on each lip + chapstick or lip balm results in a fresh, kissable and dewy pout.
  • NYX lip liner in Natural--outline only if you must :))
How do you CHILL?


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. still so flawless! mwah u god damn beauty! loool.


  2. So beautiful! I love your "no make up" make up look... Its so natural, you don't look like you're wearing make up at all!
    I need Benefit erase paste in my life!

  3. Still look adorable on your chilling moments

  4. I wish people would appreciate how figgin hard it is to make this look happen. It's so challenging to make your skin look so pretty and perfect while still eluding to nude, natural skin. The mark of a true artist, no lie.

  5. You look so "natrually" pretty! I def do not like to put on any crazy make up for work. I will def try this for boost in my appereance, thank you. Lots of love from

  6. your so beautiful you don't need alot of makeup!
    love the no makeup look<3

  7. You look beautiful with no makeup on. I look horrible!

    Holli x

  8. tu es trop belle !

    tu es française?


  9. Wow you definitely rock out the natural look! When I'm just at home I prefer to do no makeup to give my face a rest :)

  10. lol, i love the "no makeup" part. very cute natural look!

  11. Loveeeeeee this look!! You look ever so flawless!! FLAWLESS I say!!

  12. you are beyond beautiful. it looks like you have no make-up on at all. i could faintly see the grey eyeliner, when i looked closely. what you said on my blog about me being outgoing & fun, YES! but fearless? not so much. ;)

  13. Can't get over how beautiful you aaaare. Baah! So jealous.

  14. Flawless! I love your brows :)

  15. you have the most incredible lips! this is a wonderful lip combo for a naked lip kind of look!! Gorgeous!

  16. Gorgeous~~
    When I hang out I like to have very natural makeup as well. Usually just bb cream and a natural lip color~

  17. ВАУ!!! Каждый макияж просто произведение искусстава! Ваше лицо всегда идеально! С этого момента я ваша новая ученица! :) Буду очень рада видеть вас и у себя в гостях! Ксения

  18. so just like everyone else who has commented!! you are absolutely gorgeous! with or without makeup! but damn girl if I looked like YOU without makeup I wouldn't spend so much trying to beauty myself up lol

  19. You are so beautiful! And I am totally jealous of your freckles. I used to have some on my face, but they faded away for some reason lol.

  20. I definitely prefer natural makeup too! :) Looks great on you!

  21. I prefer natural makeup for every day too. I only wear dramatic makeup on special occasions. You have a beautiful face my dear :)

  22. stunning.

    i never knew i had a New Yorker state of mind ; )

    ...dying for a vacation...for the day when i don't have to hustle so hard : ) : )


  23. Hi u have a really nice blog and it would mean a lot if u could check mine out and if ur interested in following each other let me know :)

  24. I'm the same, if I'm not going out I let my skin breathe with no makeup

  25. Hello Maryam!thank you so much for your comment!i love your blog!i am following you now!did you like mine?Oh i prefer dramatic make up but i am a huge fan of ''more is more'' and plus i was never good at natural make up!i always started for natural and i ended up with dramatic!hahaha!
    lots of kisses!nandia

  26. Of course for an everyday look I prefer natural makeup. Love your chill look! :D This post inspires me to share my 'chill look' too and I will pretty soon <3 You are gorgeous in every pic of yours. xx

  27. Always beautiful !!!! with or without makeup!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  28. amazing pics!I love eyeliner and natural lipstick
    cool blog!! I really like this post!
    Passes to see me on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?

    have a wonderful day… keep in touch

  29. Really interesting post, and you always look so beautiful!

  30. I love the no make up, makeup look!
    Great idea using gray eye liner, I shall try that out :) Thanks for the tip!

  31. This is really awesome, I can't even tell that you're wearing makeup! When I'm chillin' at home on a day off, I'm usually wearing some weird makeup because I don't have to appear presentable for work.

  32. Awesome and good working and very much helpful for me thanks a lot...


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