Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I Want for Xmas is: the NAKED Palette 2

Hellooo mes amis!

Yes, today is December 1st and yes that means that the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 is officially not a mystery. Being an Urban Decay junkie and an absolute crackhead with my original Naked palette, I am seriously the first in line for my Naked 2! Hence, I am putting my request out there in the universe: All I want for Christmas is my Naked Palette Two!!! Thanks friends, fam and UD pr for noting ::wink wink:: :)))

Today's makeup was done using the original Naked palette and is a look requested by Sammie, who wanted to see a more dramatic evening look and tutorial using eye shadows from the infamous palette. One doesn't have to go bare to be NAKED :))

Giving the Bunny Ears for 2
Read more for the how-to!

For a full description and comparison between the two palettes, go to Kandee Johnson's blog and drool like I did. For now, enjoy my easy tutorial!

1. Start off my priming your lids with UD primer potion. This is a mandatory step for any dramatic makeup look. Once the primer has settled (after a minute or so), heavily line your top lash line using a black liner starting at the center of the lid and wing it out towards your temple. Don't worry about being neat--the rougher the edge the better. I'm using UD 24/7 glide-on pencil in Zero that came with the first edition palette, but if you don't have Zero, use any creamy black eye liner. Next, take a dense smudger brush and smudge out the liner using Creep (see "your right" eye :) Again, don't be too neat.
2. Taking Gunmetal shadow and a flat stiff brush, apply the color to the outer corner right above Creep, using patting motions. Try to keep the shape slanted, placing the color on a diagonal and lifting the outer edge of the eye toward the corner of the eyebrow. Make sure to keep the inner third of the eye blank and only add Gunmetal to the center and outer lid.
3. Taking Creep again, either on the smudger brush or on a flat brush, apply it close to the lash line, darkening the outer corner and blending the two colors together. Use patting motions to blend / layer Creep over Gunmetal and vice versa. 


4. Using a fluffy dome shaped brush with Naked, blend out the harsh line above Gunmetal eye shadow, using windshield wipe motions. Don't go too far into the inner corner because you will drag the dark color with you--stop in the middle of the lid.

5. With the same brush, apply Buck to the border between Naked and Gunmetal to create a smoother gradient. I like the apply Buck after Naked because I want to make sure I only add a little bit of color. If your blending skills are impeccable, you could probably skip this step.

6. Clean off your flat brush and apply Toasted to the inner third you left blank. Using patting motions, layer Toasted over Gunmetal and vice versa to blend the two together. 


7. Taking a stiff angled brush, apply Virgin right underneath your eyebrow, blending the color down over Naked. Tip: To bring out your nose bridge without contouring, apply a frosty eyeshadow (Virgin) to the area right under your eyebrow. I do this to fake a nose bridge--mine is quite flat. 


8. Finish the eye look by lining the waterline with a brown liner, if you're brown-eyed like me. If you have blue, green or any other color eyes, line the waterlines with black. I used Whiskey, from the double ended UD 24/7 glide-on pencil that came with the first edition original Naked palette. Next, smudge some Creep, Gunmetal and Half Baked under your lower lash line to prevent the pencil from running. Use Creep in the outer third of the lash line, Gunmetal in the middle, and Half Baked in the inner third. Apply mascara and add falsies to complete the look.

I finished the look by contouring my nose ever-so-slightly using Buck and adding Sin as a highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and cupid' bow. My lashes are Ardell Wispies and my clear gloss is a no name brand.
Is NAKED 2 on your wish-list?


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