Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love a good bargain!

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Happy Sunday :)) I just got back from visiting some extended family in PA and I've got a few things to share!! Every time I go to PA, I always come back with goodies from the Cosmetics Company Outlet (they don't have one in NYC) as well as some dirt cheap vintage finds from cool consignment stores and/or flea markets. Pennsylvania has got some of the best thrift shopping anyone can ask for and I never leave empty handed. My bf and I love to scour for antiques and things, and we enjoy a good bargain like every other New Yorker who's used to being robbed on a daily basis... hehe. Anyway, in today's post I'm showing-off my newly acquired "discounted MAC" makeup and a few snippets from my trip :))
Read more for pix, deets, swatches & life snippets :)))

The CCO sells overstocked or discontinued high end cosmetic products from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Clinique and many others. If you've ever experienced the disappointment of finding out that your favorite MAC lipstick has been discontinued--you're in luck because the CCO has got you covered!! The only problem is finding an outlet... check this page to locate one in your area. On to the swatches...

Full Fuchsia ($10.25 at CCO) -- a vibrant hot pink with subtle shimmer. This is an amplified creme finish lipstick, which means that it is very pigmented, very creamy and has the best color payoff for your buck. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love MAC amplified finish lipsticks--they are my favorite lipsticks hands down. I don't feel quite the same about other MAC finishes...

Love Forever ($11.25 at CCO) -- a blue-based medium pink with a semi-matte finish. This longwear lipcreme is from the pro line and is also very pigmented though much drier than the amplified finish.

I Like it Like That ($10.25 at CCO) -- a cool toned lavender pink perfect for light to medium skin tones (I'll save this one for the winter when I'm pale). This one is a cremesheen finish; meaning--it is very creamy, shiny and somewhat pigmented, though not as much as the amplified finish. I like this finish, but I don't love it because it tends to settle into fine lines and run if worn without a lipliner.

Freckletone ($10.25 at CCO) -- a cult-favorite and I can't believe it is discontinued. This is a sheer peachy nude in luster finish. I don't love luster lipsticks at all and only got this one because I was curious about the hype. As you can see in the pic, it is very close to my skin color, so I was skeptical about this one.

I also got a MAC sheertone blush in Gingerly ($13.75) which is another cult favorite and I'm jumping on the bandwagon to say that I LOVE this one too!!! The color is a complex peachy brown and is neutral enough for every day. I think this blush is very close to my natural cheek flush and looks simply amazing on my skin. After swiping a couple sheer layers, I felt a very confident and healthy glow, so I recommend this blush to anyone with my coloring. This product can also work as a bronzer or contour blush for lighter skinned girls, so do check it out!!
In this pic, I'm wearing Gingerly on my cheeks and Freckletone on my lippies over NYX lipliner in Soft Brown. My eyeliner is Clinique cream liner in True Black, as always extra crisp :)) I'll be doing more makeup looks with my new lipsticks in the upcoming posts so stay tuned!!

For now, check out my snippets from my trip to PA :)))

My favorite thing to do in PA is to chill on the porch and listen to silence. I hardly ever wear makeup when I'm visiting relatives and I like it like that!!
Occasionally, I'll put on some lip gloss and go to a cafe. This one was was so cute dressed up in Autumn Harvest theme!
Beer break at a Mexican spot (left) and Autumn Florals at an Amish market (right)... I wanted to capture the Amish so badly, but I heard they don't do photography ;p
A sea of beads at a local flea market
My find: Hot Pink and Red lacquered 80's earrings from the Salvation Army... love 'em!!
Yay to out-of-state shopping :)))


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