Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rockstar Pink Nail Tips

Salut mes amis,

Quick and easy nail post today, using Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink glitter nail polish on my tips... as if I was playing in a glitter sand box :))) P. S. Sorry for reposting this a million times, but my preview pic ins't showing up in the blogger dashboard and I am über ::annoyed::

UPDATE: OMG guys, I feel like a genius!! After wrestling with blogger the entire day, I finally figured out that the reason why my preview pic wasn't showing up in the dashboard is because the first "pic" was an Amazon Associates link to the nail polish I was using. If you ever experience this problem, make sure your first link appears after your preview pic, like so: Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink, or simply drag and insert your pic above your writing (I did that as well). Doing so will prevent any interference with the blogger dashboard.

As my base, I'm using Soo Nails polish in French Pink
Rockstar Pink is a true rockin' combination of pink, blue, red, gold and purple densely packed glitter in one awesome nail polish. One to two coats is more than enough for full coverage and I'm wearing two coats on my tips over a base, just to reinforce my nails, which are longer than usual. 
If you love glitter like I do, give Rockstar Pink a try. The quality is superb and the color is very unique and unusual for a glitter polish. Personally, I think it's the young adult version of Teenage Dream by OPI ;))) Who says we have to stop wearing glitter after 13?! 


Maryam Maquillage


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