Monday, September 12, 2011

Coralberry Cleopatra

Salut mes belles!!

Happy Monday, hope everyone is well :)) Today's post is a quick makeup review and a maquillage du jour using some Bare Minerals, NYX, Sephora and Revlon makeup. This month I'm challenging myself to explore eyeshadows outside of my Urban Decay palettes, just to break my addiction and show some love to other awesome cosmetics. So, here goes:
P. S. my hungry birds necklace is from Anthropologie
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Coralberry Cleo
To achieve my brown shimmery smokey eye, I used the following products: 

On my lips, I'm wearing Revlon creme lipstick in Coralberry

Cleopatra is a gorgeous golden sandy mineral eyeshadow milled to a fine, almost powdery consistency. I used a sticky base (NYX jumbo pencil in Dark Brown) to help the minerals and tiny flecks of glitter adhere to my lids and stay put all day. As lovely as the shadow looks on its own, it doesn't have the staying power to be used on its own -- so make sure to use a primer and a base underneath. As with most pigments and/or loose shadows, this is normal, so I wouldn't consider it a drawback. The reason I sometimes prefer loose shadows over pressed shadows is that they are more versatile and pigmented. With a gold base underneath, for example, Cleopatra would look completely different on the eyes :)

Revlon super lustrous creme lipstick in Coralberry is a lovely golden coral shade that looks great on light, medium, olive, tan and dark skin. This lipstick is universally flattering, so if you're looking for a safe yet pretty coral, try Coralberry. I seriously suggest this lip color to anyone who loves Nars Niagara--although they are not exact dupes, these shades are in the same family, and the Revlon pick is much much cheaper. Coralberry has a slight shimmer (great for thinner lips) and a creamy finish that feels great on the skin and never dries out the lippies. 

A slightly darker day look :)

Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. Love the coralberry lipcolor <3 I LOVE CORALS

  2. OMG coralberry looks gorgeous on you! the combination of Cleopatra and dark brown make such a nice color!

  3. Very cool! All brown shades are perfect for you ;)

  4. Simply gorgeous! I love that lippe...and the necklace! SO cute!

  5. You're so pretty it makes me angry. But, on a less psychopathic note I'm now hyperventilating over that coralberry swatch. Okay, that last comment was maybe not any less psychopathic ... but I really, really, really like it. A lot. Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.

  6. wow you are so pretty ! and love the makeup !

  7. I LOVE that lipstick color!! You look so pretty!!

    XOXO, CC

  8. You look absolutely stunning! You have amazing cheekbones~

  9. that's such a pretty lip color

  10. This is my first time to your blog and I was so blown away - You are so incredibly gorgeous! Your makeup and nails are perfect post after post. I am definitely a new fan.

    I hope we can be bloggin buddies ^_^

  11. your cheekbones look so amazing in these pictures ! <3

  12. Wow, that lisptick is gorgeous!!! Busying it for myself tomorrow. Thanks for the tip doll!

    P.S. Love the blog, I'm now following!!

  13. Love tussah he's, the colors look beautiful

  14. Hey, gorgeous, I love that lipstick color!!

  15. you look stunning,
    my make up right now its so similar to urs
    its like i saw this earlier lol

    i've changed my url
    DIary of A Shallow Black Girl

  16. Absolutely beautiful! I just found your blog today and I'm in love with your makeup. Gorgeous!

  17. I'm going to RUN out and buy Coralberry lipstick... It's perfection! But maybe just on you :)
    Beautiful make up doll!

  18. You know I'm addicted to UD as well. But I do love my NYX. Very fierce hun. Mauhz

  19. thank you guys, your comments are so awesome and soooo appreciated :)) now go and get yourself some coralberry :))

  20. These makeup companies should be paying you! Imma go buy that lipstick. LOVE it!

  21. Gorgeous look! The lip colour goes perfectly with the eyes! I love how simple this look is; you didn't need to use very many things to achieve such a dramatic look.

  22. Ive never been brave enough to try/consider coral lipstick but I am loving this color on you!

    I saw your Floro-trash entry and tried out the hot pink lipstick. So far, it's been popular! Thank you for being my makeup guru ^_^

  23. love your face it is fab


  24. You are so beautiful, I wish I had cheekbones like that! - Pearl

    ps- any makeup suggestions for how to make the cheekbones look more defined?


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