Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walking the High Line

Salut mes amis :))

As the fall season approaches and summer months come to a close, I begin to miss all the small things that are made exceptional when hugged by warm blankety weather. For me, one of those simple pleasures is taking long walks in my city with my beau and/or friends and stopping for occasional beer breaks. As much as I love friends, beer and strolls--I can only fully enjoy that combination in the summertime. Once the weather drops and the wind picks up, I tend to want to hibernate at home, in front of the telly... So, before I get any more ahead of myself, let me tell you about one of my favorite NYC summer hot spots to wear your walking shoes to: the one and only High Line park.

The High Line is a unique park that was built on top of an old elevated freight railroad, running on the west side of Manhattan from the Meatpacking district up to 34th Street, spanning about a 1.5 miles. The converted park has become a popular destination among New Yorkers and tourists alike thanks to its undeniably spectacular views of the city and peaceful, green-friendly ambiance. One thing for certain--this park was made with loads of palpable love that every New Yorker needs to appreciate in order to let go off the hustle and bustle. Check out my pix from my stroll and be sure to visit the High Line if you're ever in New York :))
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The old tracks are beautifully adorned with greenery and chic architectural structures / seating areas.
Left: High Line running under the famous Standard hotel; check out all the love in the air :)))
Right: view from under the bridge of the famous Chelsea market aka beer stop :)))
Getting comfy at the sun deck section. I love candid, unexpected pix--especially when I approve of the outcome haha :)))
Floral arrangements--Left: in yellow and Right: in Red :)))
New York isn't all about the skyscrapers: we've got MOD
we've got OLD
we've got the EMPIRE STATE
a New Yorker in New York :)))
Taking a beer break 
posing for "my photographer"
I just realized that being a blogger, I need to have my camera and/or "my photographer" with me at all times... Living in New York and being exposed to so much culture and inspiration makes me a lucky girl and I can't wait to take you on more private tours. Please let me know if you like this idea and I'll be happy to be your guide :))


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