Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choco w/ Raspberry Filling NAILS

Salut mes amis!! Today's nail post is all about chocolate and raspberries i. e. brown and pink -- one of my favorite color combos. I wasn't planning on sharing this nail design (I thought it was too simple to blog about) but decided it may actually be refreshing to show you one of my easiest manicures.

Read on for a tutorial!!

For this nail design, you'll need (what I used / you can use any color combo obviously):

    1. Apply your base color (pink) all over your nail on top of your base coat and let it dry. If you have the skills, use a fine nail art brush to paint a crescent shape at the bottom of your nail instead of painting the whole thing. I went with the crescent method because I was in a hurry and needed faster drying time, plus I didn't want bulky layers.
    2. Taking your brown or coffee colored nail polish, paint directly on top of the previously applied color starting 2-3 mm above the root of the nail. If you did the crescent technique, start your brown color right above the pink. You can perfect the line and shape easily with the brown.
    3. For the accent nail, use the Milani Jewel FX glitter polish to add a few coats of glitter. Start the first coat by covering the entire nail, the second coat from the center, and the third (optional) just from the tip to create a glitter gradient.
    4. Finish the manicure with your top coat.
    Neutral with a twist :))

    Maryam Maquillage


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