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November's Glossybox Brings Back Memories...

Salut mes amis! As the title of this post suggests, this month's Glossybox has really inspired me to reminisce and revisit... a simpler era of makeup I grew up on and one that is making a creeping come-back: the 90's! I was a 90's kid for sure and am really drawn to brown makeup and gothic style; however, since I'm not 13 anymore, I'm revamping my inner goth child and giving her a modern outlook.

Read the rest of this post for Glossy reviews, pix and 90's makeup tips for 2012!

November Glossybox US
Though it doesn't appear so at first glance, this month's Glossybox is the first box that includes all the tools one needs to create a full makeup look! Believe me, a simple liner and blush can go a long way -- the nail appliqués and hair oil are just extras! Once again, I felt challenged and empowered to design a full makeup look using only a few products, just like I did as a 90's kid.

1. Illamasqua Lip & Eye Medium Pencil in Honour (Rich Chocolate Brown) -- full size

Designed to be used on any part of the body or section of the skin, this soft-yet-precise pencil is the champion of liners! Cat eyes, smokey eyes, vamp lips, body art and temporary tattoos are nothing but a breeze with this skillful tool. Is there anything this pencil can't do? Nope!

2. Incoco Nail Polish Applique in Sinderella -- full size / full manicure set

These nail appliques are made of 100% real nail polish including base, color and top coat; and last up to 14 days. With Incoco nail polish strips -- smears, streaks and drying time are a thing of the past. The only down-side is the application learning curve. As a nail artist, I can't see myself using these (I am faster at painting), but the color is gorgeous and perfect for the holidays, as well as for today's transformation!

3. Kryolan for Glossybox Blusher in Glossy Rosewood -- full size

This semi-transparent cream powder can be used on the cheeks and eyes to create a vivid pop of color using the lightest swipe! The color is flattering, versatile and great for any skin tone. What can I say? Yet another fab Kryolan & Glossybox collaboration!


4. NuMe Style Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil -- deluxe sample

A perfect complement to any hair regimen, this Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids. The formula is non-greasy and penetrates instantly to deliver high shine and gloss to even the most damaged hair.

A Glossy Bonus: $100 gift certificate to towards professional styling tools and hair extensions. 'Tis the season to be Glossy and I'm feeling like giving... hint hint :)) Message me if you get my drift!

5. Skin & Co Roma Truffle Serum: Hydro-Toning Day Face Serum

I've been waiting for a Glossy skin superstar since May's edition of my favorite Amore Pacific hydragel and this month brought it home with a new hit and my instant favorite: Skin & Co Truffle Serum. This incredible anti-aging Italian serum is infused with peptides and pure extracts of Tuber Melanosporum and Hyaluronic Acid to balance, moisturize and revitalize the skin. Applying it daily at night results in a dewy, fresh complexion in the morning and I am positively obsessed!

On to the Maquillage!
90's KID: Goth Ombré Lips
  1. Line the lips using Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Honour and fill in the corners.
  2. Smudge the line towards the center of the lips using a pencil brush or your pinky. Illamasqua's medium pencil smudges like a dream and is perfect for creating ombré lips.
  3. Apply Glossy Rosewood blusher by Kryolan for Glossybox to the center of the lips to seal in the liner and add a touch of color.
90's KID: Gothic Cat Eye
  1. Outline the outer corner of the lid and extend the wing to create a sharp edge.
  2. Outline the inner corner using the same technique.
  3. Smudge the liner towards the center of the lid using your pinky or a pencil brush.
  4. Repeat on the lower lash line using the same technique.
 There you have it!
November's Glossybox left me nostalgic and pensive, reminiscing about the days I spent obsessing over vampire slayers, witchcraft and the darker side of beauty. There's something very haunting yet intriguing about 90's style monochromatic color scheme and brown makeup and though it is a thing of the past, I find it endearing and refreshing in 2012. Hey, I'm a 90's kid and I'll be that till I'm 90. Who's with me?

Thanks Glossybox!

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  1. Love the Ombré Lips! The color looks great!

  2. Love this review and what a great box! There's not one product in there that I wouldn't love to try!

    Boston Princess

  3. Your so cute. Damn i love your skin.

  4. its FAB.... you are looking like a egyption beauty to me :)

  5. oh honey lovvve this! bring back the 90's! ;)


  7. LOVE this look! Such a different take from the vampy looks around now.

  8. Nice post. I love your makeup!!!

  9. Sassy!! Really love the contouring on the cheeks & the lips look so beautiful! Great job!

    1. Thanks hon! No contouring on the cheeks, must be the lighting :)

  10. As always, amazing Maryam!!! The bold cat eye is to die for and I really like how you revamped the classic 90's lined lips, you really took them to a whole new level, just fantastic.

  11. Your ombre lips are beautiful! I just love that the Glossybox came with everything for you to create a look to share with us. And I love everything about it, from the eye, to the lips, down to the Sinderella red nails. Gorgeous =)

  12. I didn't get the Incoco!!! you look amazing, boo. love it.

    1. Thanks boobie :)) hehe... what did u get instead? oh wait, let me go check!

  13. Thank You! I voted for you...Good Luck Doll...

  14. Oh! Such a lovely makeup! :D I love the Illamasqua medium pencil in S.O.P.H.I.E. and I definitely will try this one out as well sometime. :)

  15. This post is just perfect. The fact that it actually talks about Glossybox (something I wholeheartedly despise) makes it even more perfect, since you convinced me to like something that's usually on my no-go list. Girl, you're so beautiful, it's not even funny anymore.

  16. very beautiful your make up Maryam <3 i love it

  17. You look some vampy! I love it!!<3

  18. OMG! your lips, you are gorgeous

  19. o.o adoro ese tono de labios un saludo desde

  20. Amazing job on both the eyes and the lips! Can't wait to get my Glossybox in that mail now.

    Amy, xo

  21. Love this look Maryam! It's totally 90's meets modern - the blending on the lips and the eyes is exquisite!! <3

  22. beautiful eye-makeup Maryam! you look absolutely stunning even with dark make-up :)

  23. i have to try out this eye liner-technique!

  24. I love the lips!!!! I screwed around with a lot of makeup in the 90's and I am officially afraid of brown lipsticks! ARGH! I hope they do not come back!!

  25. When I saw just the small pic of only the lips, I was iffy about it, but with the complete look, it's creepily stunning!!! Wow I'm totally surprised.

  26. This looks perfect!! The liner, the lips.. Wow! Also love the nail patches, they look so perfect on your nails!



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