Monday, February 18, 2013

Pink-n-Green for Spring!

Salut mes belles! Valentine's Day has come and gone, which means that my month-long V-Day makeup prep is now finished... yay!! As much as I enjoyed it, I'm kinda relieved that it's over and I'm so excited to jump back into makeup art and re-introduce fresh color combos to my repertoire. For the remainder of February, I'll be creating looks without any special events in mind, for the "just because" occasion. With spring right around the corner, I'm focusing on green and sprucing it up with pink, to showcase and inspire you to try one of my favorite color pairings. Together, pink and green are fun, bright and refreshing; the combo revives dull complexions, revamps winter makeup and adds a dose of unexpected cool to any look. In this post, I'm highlighting three ways to wear this funky combo and I'm kicking it off with Pantone's color of the year: Emerald. 

Are you ready for green?

Look #1: "EMERELDA" (Dramatic Makeup)
"Emerelda" is bold, dark and dramatic, with the main focus on big, wide eyes encrusted in emerald eyeshadow and highlighted with bright fuchsia. The eyes are complemented by thick, sultry brows and long spiky lashes. The lips and skin are kept very neutral with a cool nude lip and clean, even foundation. This look is perfect for night time or for those of you who prefer heavier makeup.

Products Used -- SKIN:

Products Used -- LIPS:
Products Used -- EYES:
"Emerelda" Pink & Emerald Eyes How-to:
  1. Prime the lids from the lash line to the brow and make sure to cover the lower lash line. Allow a few seconds for the primer to set.
  2. Apply a green sticky base (NYX Rocky Mountain Green) all over the lid and blend it out past the crease.
  3. Use a flat stiff brush to apply a dark metallic shadow (MUG Envy) to the lower lash line and the outer third of the lid. Use the edge of the brush to outline the crease.
  4. Clean off the same brush and apply a shimmery teal shadow (MUG Mermaid) to the rest of the lid, focusing on the center. Blend the transition using short strokes.
  5. With a small rounded contour brush, "clean up" and blend out the edge of the crease using a matte jade shadow (LC Jade-o-Lade).
  6. Use a matte vanilla shade (MUG Vanilla Bean) on a stiff angled brush to highlight the brow bone and blend the transition color.
  7. Use your pinky to highlight the inner corner with a shimmery champagne shadow (MUG Shimma Shimma).
  8. Use a bright pink pigment on a small detailing brush to outline the lower lash line and extend the wing.
  9. Tight-line the waterline with a dark emerald waterproof pencil (Astral) and apply false lashes to complete the look.

Products Used BROWS:

Look #2: "PINK-n-PRECIOUS" (Ready-to-wear makeup)
For an everyday, wearable "pink-n-green" combo, try pairing a simple shimmery emerald eyeliner with popping pink pout.

  • Missha M Luminous Rouge in Romantic Pink (PK107) -- Missha lipsticks are made in consideration of Asian skin tones, so I never have to worry about them looking chalky or unflattering -- even a color as pale as this blue-based pink! On the contrary, it makes my skin look more golden and my imperfections less obvious.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold & Beautiful Kit Volume 1: Bold Brows -- I used the wax pomade to gently define the tail of the brows and added the powder to the sparse areas to lightly fill them in. The great thing about this kit and all Anastasia brow kits is that they are totally customizable and can be applied as naturally or as dramatically as you prefer.

 Look #3: "FRESH-N-FUCHSIA" Nail Art
This abstract nail art was inspired by sprouting spring greens, juicy watermelon (can you tell I'm tired of the cold?) Mardi Gras and Cirque du Soleil. I went for bright "carnival" polishes from the Cirque du Soleil Collection for China Glaze and added "confetti" glitter accents and striping tape to the tips.

Products Used:
 What do you think of Pink-n-Green for Spring?


Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


  1. WOW i love this look and your brows are gorgeous :) x

  2. Loved both looks Maryam, they're amazing for basically any season ^^ I'm wearing a bold green myself today... well, it's Summer over here, but still LOL xx

  3. the first eyelook is super beautiful!! xx

  4. L0VE this look and it is such a fun and happy look bc of the colors!!! Perfect!

  5. Everything is beautiful as always, I really love the eye look!

  6. I love, love, love all of them. Just getting into nail polish so you bet I am coveting the nails the most. I also plan on playing around with the colour of the year too with makeup, so finger crossed on that.

  7. your lips and your nails are perfectly done! :) love it!!

  8. Omg the nails the make up everything is just gorgeous

  9. Oh GODDDD you are wonderful Maryam <3 I love your style doll

  10. beautiful eye makeup, you look gorgeous hun! :) and those cute nails... LOVE IT!

  11. I love the eyelook and the lip. Tnks for the tutorial

  12. Girl you are rocking it! I'm loving your eye look and nails, just gorg!

  13. Wow! Mes couleurs préférées :) I love the emerald eyeliner, I used to put turquoise eyeliner on my lids and put some glitter liner on, it was my favourite look! Also love the Shy lipstick, really pretty with the more dramatic eye!

  14. Wow just gorgeous !

  15. Love the eye makeup <3 You've done an amazing job <3

  16. I love you! Seriously! You are SO talented. You look beyond gorgeous <3

  17. Gorgeous as always. What brushes do you use on your crease?

  18. How are you this gorgeous and talented?! You're amazing.

  19. Love your make up and your nails! you´re an artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I´m following you now! what´s about to follow each other? xx

  20. LOVE the nail art!!! I really enjoy the colour combination of the first look, the bright pink looks great next to the green and teal tones.

  21. Beautiful Nail art... and fantastic eye make up!!


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