Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bright, Textured & Happy -- 3D Nail Art!

Hey guys :) Today's nail art wasn't planned for a post, it was merely a practice design I played around with a few days ago while testing out some new polishes. I'm posting this here today for several reasons, first, to brighten my somber mood, and second, to symbolize hope through art. Occasionally, I like to go out all with my nails and makeup, as channeling my creativity allows me to dream and deal with every day living. Art helps us escape and cope with the sometimes harsh reality of life and provides a necessary safe haven to release our frustrations and fears. With all the unfortunate current events -- the bombings, the shootings and the natural disasters -- we must find peace within ourselves, and ART (music, dance, visual art) is one of the few mechanisms that helps keep us sane and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

Coming from an artist's background, I release my inner feelings through artistic self-expression. Although I don't paint or sing as much as I used to, I have found a way to express myself through nail art and makeup. Confession: I love nail art even more than makeup because it has no boundaries and I can wear my art for a week! I live for vibrant colors and bright combinations, and I also love to experiment with new nail technologies like textures, and 3D effects. Today's nail art is exactly that -- a fun compilation of mini-designs reflecting my mood from a few days ago: cheerful, fun, easy-going experimental and optimistic.
This nail design is inspired by Japanese Nail Art and incorporates a few girly themes: stars, bubbles, bows, plaids, bejeweled 3D crosses and random drips of texture. This nail art is hand-painted by me and is one of my happiest and truest designs. The colors and the concept really made me smile :)

For this design, I used:

OMG Alert! China Glaze Texture Collection is my favorite CG collection thus far -- the colors are fun, vibrant and joyful and the 3D finish is so cool and clever! The texture feels a bit like sand-paper, but not abrasive or harsh whatsoever, so it won't scratch or pull on your stockings. One coat is all that is needed to achieve opaque coverage and an awesome textured effect. Two thumbs way up!!

Get yours at HBwigs.com and use my 10% OFF Coupon Code on this polish or any other merchandise from the HB Wigs & Beauty Bar website! Don't forget to enter the code at checkout!

Joyous Textures


Maryam Maquillage



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  1. your are amazing!! your nails are amazingggg!

  2. awwww so cute, love micky bow <3

  3. These are simply toooo cute! Love it girl!

  4. Wowww do my nails!!!! I love them!!!:)

  5. wow! I just love how colorful and fun this manicure is! Well done!

  6. oh my this is sooooo adorable! it's so fun and easy on the eye. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  7. OMG I love this!!!! So cute! I love the colour choices, the designs, everything!!!! thats talent ! xxx
    ( formerly known as msmadamemakeup)

  8. how funnn and cool i need these in my life asap

  9. I just love the bright, fun colours ^_^

  10. sugar sugar and candy candy I love it very much but it's hard keep the little things on my nails :(

  11. OMG! How long did this manicure take you to do?!?! It's so pretty! This goes in my top 5 favourite manicures of all times Maryam! ♥ xx

    1. Yayyy!! Thank you my darling!!! Well, I wore the yellow alone for about a day or two, then I added the designs in under 15 minutes -- the textures dry really fast :))

  12. awww those are so colorful looks so sweet just like candies!!!!
    you did it so great!!!! love it so much and how i wish i can do it also by myself :(

    take care dear. wait for your next post ;)
    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  13. Wow, the textures are amazing! Love these nails with that bright eyeliner! xx

  14. I thought I couldn't love this manicure/look/post anymore but then you had to go and style it with an adorable pink bow and sickening yellow liner. I die. I can't stand it. Best!

  15. That's a really great way to use those textured polishes! In not a huge fan of the texture effect but in small amounts like here, it really adds to the fun 3D effect! Great idea!

  16. awww how cute i love,love, love them

  17. These are amazing! Extremely artistic :)


  18. Ohhh these look so cute!! Just looking at them makes me happy and puts me in a good mood!


  19. Woooooow! These nails are awesome!!!! <3 And love ur make-up matching them :D kisses :**

  20. WOW! Just love how colourful it is!



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