Monday, April 29, 2013

"Spring Fling" Romantic Eye Makeup & VIDEO Tutorial!

Salut mes belles! Today's look and tutorial are way overdue, and took a lot of effort to put together, especially on the part of my Mr. Maquillage, who filmed, edited and produced the video tutorial. Give him a hand, y'all -- my LeeLee really went to work on this one! As for my part, I wanted to put out an educational tutorial filled with lots of tips, so this video is very detailed, focusing on the technique of cut-crease makeup, as well as blending eyeshadows, applying falsies, and much more. Your feedback is most welcome and encouraged, so feel free to share your thoughts! :)

Check it out, check it out!!

Inspired by the romantic colors of Spring, today's makeup is versatile, wearable and a little dressed up -- perfect for a date, an outing and even your high school prom. I created this look using the same technique as in my popular "Boudoir Belle" maquillage, so hopefully, this tutorial satisfies all of your requests for that look. I jazzed up the colors for the season using Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette (my fave for Spring) and added a dramatic cat-eye liner to give it some flav'.


Products Used (EYES):

Products Used (BROWS):
Another Color Variation with a sharper cut-crease
Products breakdown for this color variation:

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 Spring Fling
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Maryam Maquillage


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