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Beyonce "Fire & Ice" Transformation Makeup

Hello my beauties & Happy New Year!! I'm back with my first post of 2014 and this pretty one's self-explanatory. I aimed for something fun, different and costume-y, so I went ahead and re-created Beyonce's features and makeup worn to her recent album release party using my fave brands like Makeup Geek, Motives Cosmetics and Too Faced. I also experimented with some hair extensions to change up my look and try something radically different. It's been a while since my last avant garde look or transformational makeup, so I decided to ring in the new year by bringing back one of my most beloved challenges: celeb transformation makeup. This look was created for a costume party and mainly just for fun, simply because it's a new year and I'm going for it!!! Wishing you guys all the best in 2014!!

Read more for details & tutorial :)

Queen B
*all Beyonce images borrowed from Hot Celebs Home
The Look: Shimmering Silver Lids in a wash of Warm Reddish Brown -- I call it "Fire & Ice"; Signature full natural brows; glowing Caramel complexion and NEW platinum blonde locks. Understated lips complete the look. 
My Interpretation & Adaptation: "Fire & Ice" eye makeup accented with lashes; Lightened, re-drawn brows a la Beyonce; Warm Caramel complexion & Honey Blonde extensions. I made an artistic choice to change up the lips to a brighter, glossier pink over the nude to give the look more pop.

Products Used (SKIN)

"Fire & Ice" Eye Makeup: This makeup is totally ready-to-wear and can be adapted to any eye shape or color. As great as it looks on Beyonce's hazel and my brown eyes, I think it would look even hotter on baby blues or cool gray eyes! Try it and see for yourself :) For the purpose of imitating Beyonce's eyeshadow, I changed up the placement of the shadows to accent her larger eye shape.
Products Used (EYES)

"Fire & Ice" Beyonce Makeup Tutorial:
  1. Apply eye base all over the lid. Using Makeup Geek soft crease brush, apply a subtle wash of color to the crease blending up to the brow bone using "Cocoa Bear".
  2. Using Makeup Geek smokey eye brush, apply "Bitten" to the outer crease and buff out any harsh lines.
  3. Deepen the outer v and outline the lower lash line using "Taupe Notch" on a Makeup Geek pencil brush.
  4. Using a flat eyeshadow brush (I used Lancome), apply "Prince Charming" silver pigment to the inner half of the lid & inner corner and lift the shade above the crease to bring in more light and brighten the area.
    • TIP: Use a shimmery sticky base under pigments to help them adhere or apply them with a damp brush aka the FOIL method.
  5. Apply "Nightlife" shimmery taupe pigment to the outer half of the lid using the same brush. 
  6. Add silver glitter and/or sparkly eyeshadow to the center of the lid. Line the top lash line and add a slight wing. Apply mascara and add soft lashes or lash accents.
    • TIP: For a signature Beyonce eye look, line the waterline with a nude liner to brighten and enlarge the eye.
HAIR: More like Daenerys Targaryen than Beyonce, but it will do for a costume :)
I make a TERRIBLE Blonde... I know lol
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What NEW ventures are you taking on in the NEW YEAR?



Maryam Maquillage

Photos by: Le Var (merci!)


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

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  1. you are so beautyful <3
    nice makeup :*

  2. wow! it looks better than the original ♥

  3. Wow...loved the final look, great tutorial..thanks :)

  4. Beautiful, you make a beautiful blonde!

  5. wow your make up is better than her! beautiful!

  6. wow you did awesome you look amazing!

  7. marvelous!

  8. Awesome job re-creating the look! I love all the reddish-brown tones, they make the silver glitter pop!

  9. Love this look and the shimmery eyes!

  10. This is so hot! I want to recreate it


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