Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Nail Art & Makeup for Asian Eyes

Ni-hao my darlings!! Today is Chinese New Year and I want to wish good fortune, great health and lots of love and prosperity to everyone who is celebrating!! The Lunar New Year is a traditional holiday in many Asian countries, so to commemorate this joyous occasion, I've got a special post lined up just for you. Today's look is all about the Asian Eyes & Complexion with plenty of tips and tricks, using all Motives Cosmetics and some of my new favorite Asian cosmetic brands. As a festive bonus, I've created a fun, CNY-inspired hand-painted nail art featuring Chinese calligraphy, the yin yang and tons of glitter.

Read on for tips, tricks, TUTORIAL & Nail Art!!!

The Look: Chinadoll
Top: ♥ Forever 21 
Hair Chopsticks: vintage
Details: Clean and flat skin surface, no contouring, porcelain finish. Sculpted eyes and brows with minimal color, accented with playful spiky lashes. Matte popping pink lips.

Products Used (SKIN):
Products Used (EYES):
Makeup for Asian Eyes Tutorial:
  1. Apply eye shadow base all from the lashes to the brows. Apply "Whipped Cream" eyeshadow all over the lid using a flat brush.
  2. With the same brush, apply "Moroccan Spice" eyeshadow all over the lid up to the two thirds mark between the lashes and brows.
    • Asian Eye Tip 1: Try a vertical gradient (lightest color under the brow and the darkest by the lash line) instead of the traditional Western side to side "horizontal" gradient.
  3. Line the top lash line with waterproof Black Magic pencil and extend the wing, creating a "whale's tale" shape aka raised outer corner. Line the inner one third of the waterline and emphasize the inner corner.
    • Asian Eye Tip 2: Because Asian eyes tend to have small lid spaces or monolids, a "whale's tale" liner is more flattering because it is more visible when the eye is open.
  4. Using "Chocolight" eyeshadow on a detailing brush, smudge and seal the black liner creating a softer vertical gradient. Sharpen and extend the outer corner using the tip of the brush and creating a clean outer wing.
    • Asian Eye Tip 3: Extending the outer corner wing is very flattering on Asian eyes. It enlarges the eye, while keeping true to its shape.
  5. Line the outer two thirds of the lower lash line with "Starry Eyes" glitter liner. Optional: Darken the top lash line with precision felt tip eye liner.
    • Asian Eye Tip 4: Because Asian eyes are flatter, they can handle unique glitter placements, like at the lower outer corner. Glitter helps bring in more light, brightening the eyes. Try this with any glitter shade.
  6. Apply sparse, spiky lashes and skip the mascara. 
    • Asian Eye Tip 5: Sparse, shorter lash styles are more flattering than dense, longer styles because they flatter the eye without overwhelming it. 

LIPS: Shien Cosmetics matte lipstick in Wild Peony -- formulated to enhance golden, yellow and olive Asian complexions. 

Chinese New Year Nail Art
This nail art was hand painted by me using nail art liners and pens from HB Beauty Bar and Shimmer Polishes glitter polishes. I incorporated some traditional and popular Chinese culture symbols like the yin yang and the Maneki-neko (good fortune cat) which is actually Japanese, but was popularized in Chinese culture. My thumb reads "Happy New Year" and my pointer finger reads "Good Fortune".
Products Used:
  1. Duri Rejuvacote Base Coat
  2. Color Club Professional Nail Lacquer in White
  3. Shimmer Polish 
    • Lucie (pinky) -- silver and red multi glitter
    • Vanessa (pointer) -- gunmetal multi glitter
  4. HB Beauty Bar -- use promo code HB15 to get 15% off your order


Maryam Maquillage

Photos by: Le Var (merci!)


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2011-2014.


  1. Perfect as always, and your photos are just ... I have no words. Beautiful! <3

  2. Very,very pretty :3 I really love how you do your makeup ^^

  3. very cute nails and make up!

  4. Adore that lip colour, so striking!! :D Xx

  5. So Stunning Dear beautiful Love it

  6. I have a Lunar NY show for my twin son's next Tuesday I might try to fit in more, by doing a cute makeup like this! thanks for sharing your always reading my mind. While I was in Hawaii you did an exquisite Flowery makeup, your timing (in my world!) is amazing! xoox

  7. Wow!!! You look stunning! I super love your overall look. Love the makeup, nails, hairstyle and dress. You def made the right decision in this. Great choice!

  8. Perfeito! Eu tenho um batom dessa cor e não sabia com que cores combinar, mas com amarelo fica lindo!

  9. Really good, I like this!


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