Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Beauty: Mixed Patterns & Prints

Hello beauties! My fingers and toes are so ready for warm weather -- I'm anticipating lots of corals, pastels and heavy metals coming up this season and into the summer. This week's nail art is a hodgepodge of such themes, focusing on texture, color and detail. I used three nail polish appliqués from Incoco (Coral Crush, By The Sea & New Directions), cut them up into strips, embellished and mix-n-matched to create my own custom designs, then threw in some hardcore glitter nails to complete the set. I sealed everything with gel top coat for extra shine and longevity. I dunno about you, but I'm LOVING this one. It is so very me and so very Spring!!!

Read more for head-to-toe deets :)

For my pedi, I went with a rose-gold snake skin print, also from Incoco (Venom Kiss) and added some SnapTats -- again, in my own artistic way, to imitate foot jewelry. I love being able to customize existing products to my own liking, it saves time, but still allows for plenty of creativity and personalization.

On my lips, I'm wearing:
So... mani, pedi or lippie?


Maryam Maquillage

Photos by: Lee World 


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  1. Love the manicure. I saw it on Snapchat and I really want to recreate it!

    Annie | www.drugstoredreamer.blogspot.com

  2. OMG!!! That mani is soooo pretty! Love the colors that you have used and the design as well is so pretty. Great job and great choice indeed!

  3. Hey Maryam! Amazing nailart as usual !! Love the way you always bring the right colors together! I am still wondering how did you do the last 2 nails of your left hand!! How did you make that strip for your little finger?

    1. Thanks love!! Super easy -- I cut two existing Incoco designs and combined them to create a custom design (left hand pinky, right hand middle). The seashell design is also an appliqué, but I embellished it with the baby pearls :)

    2. Cool!! You Rock :-)
      Will surely give this a try!

  4. Dearest Maryam: Here is a nice poem dedicated to your post.

    Toes and fingers, looking soft and pink
    Soft and velvety & whatever you think
    No male can pass without a wink
    Nail art transforms to something unique
    Profusion of colors & amazing design
    Makes the lady incredibly feminine
    Connoisseurs determine if she is divine
    Or she is a ferocious feline
    No one can deny, she is sexy and hot
    With sensual lips she doth ooze and pout
    She is romantic ravishing and raunchy
    Or seductive stimulating and sultry
    Amorous provocative and alluring
    Sweltering torrid and blazing
    Is it the awesome sensational nail art
    Or the sensuous lips or some other part
    That makes the lady scorch and sizzle
    Sear and blaze, crackle and fizzle
    Who but the thermogenic Maryam Maquillage
    Can answer without hemorrhage or outrage.

    Best Wishes & Hugs. Ram

  5. I love all your posts because you are awesome. Can you try pink and blue combinations nail colors.

  6. Uall, Amei suas unhas, o formato arredondada, e a decoração então nem se fala né, maravilhosa.


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