Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Pop of Blue" Cat-Eye Spring Makeup Tutorial

Happy Weekend beauties! Here's a quick short post on how to update your typical Saturday night cat eye makeup -- just add a pop of blue et voila! I used Lancome Summer Collection palette and liners to create this fun, wearable look (which I'm personally obsessed with) and added a pair of whimsical lashes to complete. What shade would you choose to bring out your eye color?

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Blue liner Step-by-step
Pop of Blue Tutorial using Lancome Summer Collection and "Reflets Méditerranée" palette.
  1. Prime the lid using La Base Aquatique in Nude and apply a soft wash of nude shadow from the  palette to the crease and brow bone using Brush 17
  2. Deepen the crease by adding the chocolate shadow on top using the same brush.
  3. Apply the coral peach shadow onto the lid using Brush 11.
  4. Using "Azur Mediterranée" Ombré Hypnose Stylo, line the top lash line heavily and wing it out.
  5. Line the lower lash line and waterline with "Bronze Falaise" Ombré Hypnose Stylo.
  6. Use Artliner in "Noir" to line the top lash line very close to the lashes, add mascara and falsies to complete the look. I used Scott Barnes LE lashes for Flutter Lashes.

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Maryam Maquillage

Photos by: Lee World 


Maryam Maquillage © 2011-2015.


  1. Do you put something on the blue liner so it doesn't get "stuck" to the upper part of your lid?

  2. Wow!!! Its a pretty eye makeup indeed. Great job and great choice!

  3. Looking gorgeous and you can also try another color on the upper part

  4. I've never been bold enough to wear such pop-up color, but this is electrifying!


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