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Sunny, Delightful & Eco-Friendly

Salut mes belles et mes beaus! I hope your weekend was fun filled and relaxing. Mine was a bit of both: I partied on Saturday at Moma PS1 the Warm Up (a must do summer rave if you're ever in NY) and had "Sunday-Funday" with the girls while getting pampered at L'Occitane En Provence (avec du vin, bien sur!). I Must say, I'm feeling quite rejuvenated and ready to tackle my week, so let me get started!

Today's maquillage was worn to the Green Your Beauty Routine blogger event I attended last week. I wanted to stay true to the theme of the day, so I created my eye look using eco-friendly mineral eyeshadows from Zosimos Botanicals, an all green company I had worked with in the past, which was also was featured at the event!

Read more for a recap, plus green tips & a how-to of this look!

I didn't take too many pictures at the event, but I did borrow this image from our hostess Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This. The panel speaker, Jolene Hart of Beauty Is Wellness, shared a ton of tips and practices on how to add more green to our daily lives and beauty routines. 

Boy did I learn a lot from her! You can just see me soaking up all the info :))
Jolene's Tips:
  • Avoid processed foods containing ingredients (chemicals) you can't pronounce and instead go for whole foods. Beige is bad, colorful is great!
  • Beauty Foods: 
    • Skin loves dark chocolate (60% or higher), raw honey, oatmeal, oranges, chamomile & green teas
    • Hair loves foods with biotin like Swiss Chard (or any dark green vegetables) and carotene found in carrots (carotene helps your body make keratin) 
  • If you can eat it, you can put it on your face: raw honey masks are great for the skin, while eggs and avocados are great for the hair. These are tried and true methods that actually work.
  • Stress and sugar are bad for the body. Happiness is the best medicine!
  • Simple Detox: drink a glass of pure warm water and half a lemon's juice every morning (before your coffee) to help digest last night's food and balance out your system. I've been doing this since Friday -- so far so good and I feel so much better!

Leena Sukumar (green top) of MySkin shared her knowledge and insight about going green in the beauty industry. In fact, more and more companies are using biodegradable packaging and glass containers to reduce waste. Are you opting for green packaging?
Check out the awesome view of the Bloomberg Building from the Miele Showroom and the fab goodie bag featuring Arbonne, Tarte, Sénica Naturals, QiLiving, Zen Society (review to come), Priti NYC (review + nail art here), and Zosimos Botanicals (featured in this post).

On To The Maquillage!
  • Zosimos Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in Lemonzest -- lid
  • Zosimos Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in Redbud -- outer "V"
  • Zosimos Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in Daylily -- crease
  • Zosimos Botanicals mineral eyeshadow in Pink Hilite -- highlight / inner corner
Other Products Used:
"Sunny Delightful" Eyes HOW-TO: 
  1. Prime your lids and wait for the primer to set. Next, apply a shimmery sticky base (NYX -- Cashmere) all over the lids and spread it out evenly with your finger.
  2. Using a fluffy dome-shaped brush and windshield wiper motions, apply a matte neutral shade (UD -- Naked) to the crease and blend it out towards your eyebrow.
  3. Using a flat stiff brush and patting motions, apply a shimmery yellow mineral eye shadow (ZB -- Lemongrass) all over the lid.
  4. Clean off the brush and use the same technique to apply a burnt reddish-brown mineral eye shadow (ZB -- Redbud) to the outer "V" portion of your eye.
  5. Apply a shimmery neutral shade (ZB -- Daylily) to the crease, meeting with the inner corner. Next, highlight the arch under the brow, as well as the inner corner using an iridescent pink shade (ZB -- Pink Hilite).
  6. Line the top lash line using a black gel / cream liner (Clinique True Black) on a thicker brush (I like Royal & Langnickel Silk Greenline liner brush number GL-5). Apply your false lashes and line again to conceal the band.
This look is the perfect transitional makeup from summer to fall: the coral lip hints at summer, while the pop of yellow makes brown eyes more golden in anticipation of autumn. Incorporating Green Cosmetics in your beauty routine is one simple way to care for our planet and environment :))


Maryam Maquillage


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