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"Heroine Chic" & Naked Palettes

Salut mes amis! I hope you're all happy and healthy!! It's flu season and your girl Maryam has definitely caught a bad one. This time, I'm not alone -- Mr. Maquillage and I are both sick and have been quarantined in our apartment for the past few days, trying to rest up and recuperate for next week. As always, I like to take advantage of any and every situation, so I created a makeup look based around my sickness... What are paleness and black circles good for if not for bad-ass, grungy, "heroin chic" makeup? Of course, I'm just kidding. I don't advise any of you to go out when you're sick, however, I will say that conceptualizing this idea and bringing it to life actually made me feel better and more productive. I loved it so much, I can't wait to wear it again when I'm healthy and back to normal!

Today, I'm presenting: the sick "Chic Heroine" -- grungy, heavy metal eye makeup with 3 look options, using both Naked Palettes, as per your request!

Read more for tips, options and how-to!

The Original "Chic Heroine": Kate Moss
"Heroin Chic" was a fashion look popularized in the mid-90's, characterized by pale skin, dark circles under the eyes and angular bone structure. This look emphasized androgyny and was a reaction against the healthy, vivacious look of supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. The Heroin Chic concept drew a lot of criticism from anti-drug organizations for glamorizing drug use and eventually faded when the new era of fashion emerged with bombshell Brazilian models and the "return of the sexy".

Side Note: For the purpose of this post, I'm revisiting the characteristics of the concept, minus the glorification of drugs. I am the most straight-edge person I know, so I'm adding an -e at the end of the title and referring to this look as "Heroine Chic" from this point on.

Today's Chic Heroines: Mary-Kate, Rihanna & Nicole Richie
*photos found on Google; collage by Maryam Maquillage

On to the Maquillage!

I'm using the coveted, best-of-the-best, top-of-the-food-chain, all-around favorites: 

Chic Heroine #1: The Dying Swan
This look is the closest to the original, characterized by pale lips, smudged mascara and the absence of color in the face. This monochromatic look is sickly, yet chic and uses shimmery eye shadows to hint at glamour.

Products Used (Eyes):

Products Used (Lips):

Products Used (Skin):

Chic Heroine #2: Grease-Grunge-n-Gloss
When it comes to grungy makeup, glossy lips are a big no-no... the glossy eye look, on the other hand, is all the rage. Paired with burnt brown eyeshadow, glossy lids give the appearance of worn-in, lived-in, greasy makeup that only supermodels can pull off effortlessly... This option is the least wearable of all, but I had to include it, because it is so quintessentially "Heroine Chic". The glossy lid look is great for photoshoots, but I wouldn't recommend wearing it out -- it is a high maintenance look that requires a MUA on set. If you're up for it, however, here's how you can achieve this look :)

On my eyes, I'm wearing all the previously listed products, plus a mixture of equal parts of Aquaphor(or Vaseline) and clear lip gloss. TIP: Choose a lip gloss that is more liquid-y than sticky. I like NYX mega shine lip gloss in Pop-- an orange tinted clear gloss with glitter. 

Glossy Lids How-To: 
  1. Apply your eye shadows as you would normally.
  2. Mix a pea-sized amount of Vaseline with a pea-sized amount of clear lip gloss.
  3. Apply the mixture by "painting" it on, using a flat synthetic brush.

Chic Heroine #3: Glam Grunge
This look is probably the prettiest and most wearable of the three and is a classic look you might want to keep in your repertoire ;) Glam-Grunge makeup was popularized by the Chic Heroines previously mentioned and continues to be a go-to evening look for the alternative crowd. This makeup is fun, easy and surprisingly flattering on most features. The look is characterized by heavy-metal smoked out eyes and lower lash line, as well as chunky, textured lashes and brows. To glamorize and modernize the look, I paired it with a soft ballerina bun and pretty lavender-beige lips.

Cross Bracelet: Caviar Noir

Products Used (Eyes): Same as in first look +

Products Used (Eyebrows):

Products Used (Lips):
  • Too Faced lip of luxury lipstick in Centerfold -- Although this gorgeous shade is described as "beige", to me, it's clearly a neutral lavender. The formula is smooth, creamy and long-lasting, making Centerfold a perfect lipstick. I am slightly obsessed with it and am so happy to share my new discovery!
    Grungy Smokey Eye using Naked 1 + 2 How-To:
    1. Prime the lids and allow a few seconds for the primer to set.
    2. Using a soft fluffy brush and Naked eyeshadow (Naked Palette), apply the color to the entire eye socket area and blend it well. You want to end up with a dim wash of color surrounding the eye.
    3. Using a more precise contour brush, re-emphasize the socket using Buck eyeshadow (Naked). Keep this color closer to the crease and lash line.
    4. Line the top and bottom lash lines with a smudgy black liner (Zero).
    5. Apply a shimmery brown sticky base (NYX -- French Fries) to your lid and bottom lash line, on top of the black liner, and blend it out with your finger or a synthetic brush.
    6. Using a flat shader brush, pat on Snakebite eyeshadow (Naked 2) on top of the sticky base.
    7. With the same brush, apply Darkhorse (Naked) to the outer third of the lid. 
    8. Clean the brush and apply Suspect (Naked 2) to the inner third of the lid and the inner corner.
    9. Blend out the harsh edges using Buck and Naked. Next, apply Foxy (Naked 2) to the brow bone.
    10. Line the waterline using Whiskey. Add mascara and false lashes.
     Stay chic, happy & healthy!


    Maryam Maquillage


    *Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

    Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


    1. Looks amazing! Love how you've interpreted the look. How long does the glossiness last for, and does it crease?

      1. Thanks love! It doesn't last very long, unfortunately... 15-20 mins tops then it all goes to he// lol... that's fine for a photoshoot, but for practicality, I'd suggest dotting on some gloss to the center of the lid or using it underneath the brow arch. I even like to use gloss / vaseline to highlight my cheekbones :))

    2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3
      great great great job my Dear!!! :)
      Grungy Smokey - I'm in love! <3 and those lips... ach PERFECT! <3

    3. Stunning beauty! I love it!

    4. OMG you probably dont remember..but i requested this once when i emailed you..THANK YOU SO MUCHH!!! u are really the best and absolutely gorgeous!!! AHH SO HAPPY!! FEEL BETTER HUN..LOVE U AND HAVE A BLESSED NEW YEAR!!! ;)

    5. You look so, so much better than these other ladies (;
      Great look!!


    6. Amazing looks, I love your reimagining of "Heroine" Chic! The third look is my favourite, so gorgeous!

    7. You look so pretty, great makeup look! RoRos World

    8. I love the 3rd look. That lip color is so pretty


    9. You are so inspiring, I love how well you tie things together. I hope you feel better too!

    10. great look! love that pinky nude lip!!

    11. your perfect! and you did a way better job!

    12. Way to work with what you've got and find the silver lining, even when feeling ill! I do hope you have a full recovery soon - being sick is no fun!

    13. You are one talented chic, love the makeup

    14. Love it! Centerfold is a gorgeous color xx

    15. You have sexy lips and nice face sharp. Admire your look! <3


    16. so beautiful my friend as always :) smuakkkkkkkk

    17. You are raw talent waiting to explode..I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines <3

    18. Love the third look! It's still grungy but with style ^^ Seriously all the looks are great and you my dear are gorgeous! xx

    19. Too gorgeous! Wow the photography, officially a fan!!!


    20. amazing.... you are looking too weak... get well soon... and you are so amazing :)

    21. beautiful as always! flawless makeup application and again, facial structure is to die for! i always say that to you huh? hahaha. happy new year! i hope you feel better soon. the moment i moved in with the husband, which was the weekend before christmas, i caught the flu.. a few days later he got sick as well :(

    22. i love the eye makeup its so beautiful im gonna have to try that color cobo out its just so pretty.

    23. I love your modernized take on this 90's style! You certainly look fantastic even though you are sick! My favourite is the one with the glossy eye. I also adore the idea of "heroinE chic", I do NOT agree with the whole glamourizing drugs and drug addiction thing.

    24. Totally LOVE it!!! I hope you get well very soon. <3

    25. You are so inspiring, beautiful as always!!!


    26. OMG, fabulous... You look so magic in this make-up. Have a great day. Xoxo V.V.

    27. My dear,
      I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I really liked it and it has completely got me hooked.

      I wish you lots of success

    28. I love the the glossy eye look altough I can't imagine pulling it off, but my favorite look is the third one, completed with that stunning lipstick!

    29. awwww, I'm in love with colours of UD Naked pallets! I am very happy that I can finally buy these products in Poland! Your makeup is amazing as always!


    30. oh wow, you look absolutely stunning Maryam!! i love the look you did, the lip colour looks so amazing on you, i love it alot! :)

    31. Hi! I love your blog, Im a new follower & I look foreword to reading more posts

      Im a self-taught makeup artist and upcoming YouTuber with a beauty blog featuring product reviews, picture tutorials, looks I have created and so on...
      Would love for you to check it out and even follow if you like it?

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    32. If possible and within your time. Can this look be added to YOUTUBE. Pretty, pretty please. <3

    33. Wow, i really love how you re-created those looks.

    34. You are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen :)
      And I'm looking forward to read all your blog since today I've just discovered it!

    35. This post is amazing! The makeup is amazing, your face is amazing and the pictures are amazing! WOW

    36. fantastic make up artist, keep the excellent work going :)

    37. Which lashes are you using in the last look using the naked pallets?!


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