Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Rebel Valentine" Nail Art & Makeup

Bonjour mes belles! C'est moi Maryam, and today I'm up close and personal featuring a daring Valentine's makeup & nails look for the rebel girls. Is that you? I love the idea of a smokey eye using unconventional colors -- in this case red -- so I'm pairing it with a set of badass studded nails, inspired by talismans of protection and soft baby pink lips for a dose of innocence. How's that sound?

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I rebel for I repel...
THE LOVE CONCEPT: In creating this nail design, I wanted to focus on the aspects from my previous nail art and show you how easy it is to get creative with hearts and rhinestones / studs if you know how to paint and apply them, respectively. The creative possibilities are endless and this design is just one of my ideas for Valentine's Day. After all, love doesn't always have to be represented as pink and sweet -- real love is so strong and sacred, it must be protected and shielded. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about :))

So, to protect my notion of love, I was inspired by a lot of shielding objects and talismans that ward off evil: medieval Knight's armor and shield, "roses-n-thorns" tattoos, ancient amulets from the Middle Ages, and many others. I kept my nails long and pointy to add to the concept and repel anything that comes in the way of my love... hisssssss...
For this NAIL ART, I used:

Nail Art How-To: Painting Hearts & Applying Studs

Products Used (Skin):
  • Missha M Perfect BB Cream #27 Honey Beige -- this is my secret to flawless-looking skin. Nothing photographs better and looks more natural in person than this cult-favorite BB cream by Missha. I wear this product when my skin is fairly good and doesn't need much concealing, though Missha provides excellent medium to full coverage.
  • Benefit Erase Paste Concealer - medium 02 -- great for brightening the under-eye area. I don't particulary suffer from dark circles, but I like to lighten the area when I'm wearing heavy smokey eyes, especially given my chosen color :) 
Products Used (EYES):
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Makeup Geek eyeshadows -- I am really impressed with the quality and consistency of MUG shadows and highly recommend them to everyone. In my opinion, these eyeshadows surpass a lot of popular brands and deliver the type of finish that even some high-end products can't top. (::coughs:: MAC -- there, I said it)
    • Razzleberry (raspberry red with gold glitter) -- lid
    • Bitten (matte maroon red) -- outer "V"
    • Cocoa Bear (matte reddish brown) -- crease
    • Goddess (metallic copper) -- inner crease
    • Shimma Shimma (metallic champagne) -- inner corner & highlight under brow
    • Bleached Blonde (shimmery pale gold) -- inner corner
    • Peach Smoothie (matte peach beige) -- transition between crease & highlight
  • Makeup Geek gel liner in Mobster (deep chocolate brown) -- another amazing product with incredible color payoff. 
  • Red Cherry Lashes #1 -- This is my favorite pair of lashes to go with a smokey eye. The density of the hairs amplifies the smokey effect and the spikiness of the lashes gives a nice separation to the transition. I really love Red Cherry lashes for their flexible bands and the variety of flattering styles to choose from. Get this pair and many more for just under $2 from
RED Eyeshadow Smokey Eye Tips (If you Dare!):
  • Use brown liner instead of black to soften the overall effect
  • Keep the crease shadows matte and transition shadows close to your skin tone in terms of color
  • Make sure the rim the entire eye with liner to avoid looking "all cried out"
  • Avoid bright blush and keep the skin as neutral as possible
  • RED eyeshadow brightens the face and counteracts redness and spottiness in the skin
For the final touch, I added a pink nude lipstick:
  • Makeup Geek lipstick in Innocent -- described as a warm nude peach, but looks more pinky-nude on me. You guys already know how I feel about this lipstick -- I've spammed you with my raves on IG & FB -- but heck, third time's the charm: 
    • I'm loving this! MUG lipstick in Innocent isn't the most pigmented lipstick you'll find, however, it feels light on the lips, is quite buildable and hydrating, plus, it lasts for hours. I am really impressed and am eager to try more MUG lipsticks. For $8 a pop -- it's a steal!   

Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


  1. I love the design on your pinkies! I wish I could work red eye shadow :(

  2. Beautiful make up and the nails are also very creative:)

  3. This is probably my favourite nail art I've seen from you, so pretty! And the makeup! Oh, that razzleberry eyeshadow is gorgeous, I love what you did here, just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Maryam! xx

  4. Love the nail art, looks amazing


  5. Hawt mama! You pulled off the red shadow well! :)

  6. The nail art is awesome, I'm never patient enough to do stuff like that in my nails u_u


  7. omg those nails are amazing!!

  8. WOW! amazing make up and beautiful nails, Maryam! ((:


  9. one word.....beautiful!!!

  10. Those MUG shadows are dazzling. Maryam, I didn't think that it was possible to do a flattering, red smokey eye look, but you've proved me wrong! This looks great!

  11. wow just wow. I love your nails. The details on the nails are impressive.

  12. Wow can you say amazing!!! your eyes are gorgeous love the ombre look!

  13. pretty ! I love all on you.. ~

  14. This is some lady in red femme fatale realness right here!

  15. Wow, they look awesome and the colour looks so rich and bright, I need to buy them immediately.

  16. Hello!
    Interesting blog.
    :) Take care!

  17. This SURE is a different kind of Valentine look!! But so awesome - i love the red. You had a great idea again :)

  18. This is JUST GORGEOUS! <3333333
    Love everything about it: the nails, the eyes, everything!

  19. This is such a sexy look! I need to experiement with red eyeshadow! xo

  20. I love the looks you come up with

  21. Love the nail design and 5)3 makeup!


  22. Looking great! I did something like this but added black in my crease. Gorg!

    Confessions Of A City Girl / Check out my eyewear line Enerjiee

  23. Maryam....I did this look today at work, we had wear your favorite color team day for the Super bowl and of course if I wore the red eye look, I don't have to say who my team is (smile). Got a lot of compliments, used a lot of M.A.C shadows, don't have the shadows you used, but it worked out similar.....Thank you, the look is awesome!!


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