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"Boudoir Belle" Maquillage

Salut mes belles :) Continuing with my count-down to Valentine's Day, today's makeup look is all about le sexy. With a little help from the latest Too Faced Boudoir Collection, I've put together a sensual, smokey cat-eye paired with plump lippies and a rosy flush to create a soft, yet noticeable maquillage that goes well beyond the bedroom. This "Boudoir Belle" is ready for the ball! 

Read more for deets, pix, reviews & how-to's!

Boudoir Belle of the Ball
The Look: Soft and smokey cat-eye using taupes and shimmery neutrals; a healthy rosy flush and glowing cheekbones; plump pink pout; almost bare, clean skin.

Products Used (EYES):
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Shadow Collection -- the latest collection from Too Faced Cosmetics, this gorgeous tin palette packs 9 signature shadows of varying finishes and includes 5 brand new exclusive shades. This sexy little collection can be used to create subtle daytime drama, as well as thrilling evening ensembles to make you the queen of the ball (or the boudoir) wherever you go!
    • Sugar Walls (plummy taupe, sparkle finish) -- used on the lid
    • Voulez-Vouz (brownish purple, shimmery finish) -- used to "cut" the crease
    • Fuzzy Handcuffs (peachy brown, matte finish) -- used to blend the crease
    • In The Buff (creamy off-white, matte finish) -- used under the brow 
    • French Tickler (matte black with gold sparkles) -- used on the outer corner
    • Lap Dance (taupe lavender, shimmery finish) -- used on the lower lash line
    • Satin Sheets (golden peach, shimmery finish) -- used on the inner corner
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in Zero-- used to line the top & bottom lash lines and the waterline
  • Red Cherry Lashes #1 -- ultra dense, long, spiky lashes -- perfect for adding even more smokiness to a smokey eye look. Get this gorgeous pair for under $2 at

Products Used (BROWS):
Smokey Cat-Eye How-To:
  1. Prime the lids and allow a few seconds the primer to set.
  2. With a flat brush, apply Sugar Walls all over the lid and slightly past the crease.
  3. Using Voulez-Vous on a small detailing brush or a pencil brush, outline the shape of your crease a few mm's above your natural crease and extend the outer corner towards the edge of your brow.
  4. With a stiff dome shaped brush, blend out the crease using Fuzzy Handcuffs. Bring the color up, almost to your brow.
  5. Using a stiff angled brush and In The Buff eyeshadow, outline directly under the brow to highlight it. Blend the color down to meet with Fuzzy Handcuffs.
  6. Using the same detailing brush, outline the outer "v" and extend the outer corner using French Tickler.
  7. With a black eyeliner, rim the waterline and line the top and bottom lash lines. Extend the outer wing a few mm's. Smudge the lower lash line using Lap Dance eyeshadow.
  8. Highlight the inner corner with Satin Sheets.
  9. Apply the lashes or add mascara. Voila!
Products Used (FACE):
  • Missha M Perfect BB Cream #27 Honey Beige -- I wanted a natural, barely there skin finish, so I went for my favorite BB cream to balance this Boudoir look. Though I must add, this BB cream has the best coverage of any BB cream I've tried!
  • Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush -- This adorable heart-shaped box packs three shades of buildable, baked blush to transform your cheekbones into juicy apples. Swirl the rose, coral and peach shades for a sweet, natural-looking flush or use the shades separately to customize your look. I absolutely adore this product and can't say enough about it!

As a special bonus, I'm including a tutorial on one of my most popular requests: How to make lips appear fuller. Yay!

Full Lips How-To:
  1. Use a sugar scrub on a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Gently, pat the lips to dry.
  2. Apply a natural lip balm and press the lips together. I like Zen Society Vegan Lip Balm.
  3. Line your lips using a neutral lip liner like NYX lip liner in Natural. Fill in the center of your lips with a pale pink lip liner for a contoured, ombré effect. Press the lips together.
  4. Apply Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme and watch them plump in seconds!


Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


  1. So pretty! I love your makeup look :D. RoRos World

  2. I love this makeup look! So gorg! <3

  3. Beautiful products, that eyeshadow palette is dreamy, and the heart blush beautiful, I want it!

    barbarella maquill-arte

  4. Beautiful make-up, you look gorgeous lovely:) x

  5. Awww you make me lust about that Boudoir Eye palette so, SO MUCH! I'm still hesitant between this one and Natural At Night but I have nothing like this one - and it looks SO good on you! I'm so happy that you included that lip tutorial =D

    Did I ever told you that you remind me of Sophia Vergara?

  6. so perfect for a V-day date Love the lips!!!

  7. LOVEEEEEE!!!! Can you recommend a good mascara???

  8. You have some of the most gorgeous makeup looks I've seen. I love the quality of your photos.

  9. Oh my God your looks beautiful, thanks for the lips tutorial. I try!


  10. I always love your make up >.<
    the lips looks so sexy :D

  11. Beautiful look! You look stunning!

  12. This is one of my favorite looks ever! Love it. Will definitely try it now xx

  13. so beautiful Maryam.... I love your make up ...

  14. So beautiful!!
    Perfect brows.. ;)

  15. perfect!i love Too faced eyeshadows!you are amazing!!:)

  16. Amazing look! Your eye makeup is such an inspiration for me, I want to learn to blend as well as you do :) Your so good at this! ♥

  17. Wow! you finest eyemakeup look i have ever seen and the lip color is super gorgeous

  18. this type of eye make-up is definitely one of my faves!! it's so perfect for any event, love the colour combo as well, i want to get that palette from Too Faced :)

  19. love the lip color!! Such a beautiful VDay make up look!! Sultry && Sexy


  20. This look is absolutely gorgeous!

  21. Pretty much anything that goes on your lips looks amazing. You have the most amazing lips, which sounds creepy in a way but seriously. I love your looks :]

  22. Gorgeous!! It's sultry and sexy, but still soft and feminine. Love rhe tip for fuller lips.


  23. So beautiful Maryam, you look gorgeous ^^
    Also, what a great palette, has so many amazing shades, very pretty : ) xx

  24. This blush is soooo cute and pretty <3
    I love the make up look! I don't own the palette but maybe I can do it with other neutral shades (:


  25. Beautiful and lovely.. you are looking so much beautiful..

  26. Absolutely flawless! I want everything here lol

    xx Christal xx

  27. So soft & pretty & your skin always looks so flawless<3

  28. You know, I don't know what to think about too faced shadows... they're so shimmery and i dont like it on my skin tone

    I love how it looks on you though, it really pops

    Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

  29. OMG!!! You look so gorgeous! i super like your make up. It have bought out your natural beauty. Love it!

  30. Absolutly fabulous... SO fresh. Have a great day dear. Xoxo V.V.

  31. I've been eye-ing this palette! Gorgeous look, mama! Your skin looks extra fabulous! xoxo

  32. I love how subtle the cut crease is. And how the eye liner blends into the outer v is great! Love it!

  33. I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this post! I must own that palette and that lip injection stuff.

  34. Boudoir belle maquillage is given here. Read details from here

  35. Wow the eye shadow palette and blush are so perfect for a bridal look. the blush is so romantic, these two would be ideal for a someone who would like to do their own bridal makeup.

    thank you mariam

  36. Beautiful.


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