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"Feline Fatale" Classic Smokey Eye

Bonjour mes belles! First and foremost, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of my Giveaway -- Tephie S., Jennifer F. & Jessica M., and thanks so much to everyone who participated. I have more giveaways coming up soon, so keep glued for announcements!

It's finally Friday and I'm getting ready to fly out to Hollywood for my Beauty Blogger of the Year ceremony with Dinair! I'm super psyched & anxious, and literally cannot wait!!! Woo-Hoo!! Before I go, I'd like to leave you with something special: a Classic Smokey Eye made for a fierce, feline, femme fatale -- the perfect ensemble for a Friday night and one of my most requested makeup looks. I'm using a gorgeous, luxe palette from Lancome and I've even prepared a Pictorial-Tutorial to share with you guys!! I hope you all get to try this look -- it's a classic and is one of my go-to's :))

Read more for details & how-to's!

 Products Used (EYES)
Additional Eye Products:

"Feline Fatale" Classic Smokey Cat Eye Pictorial-Tutorial
  1. Prime the lids and line the top lash line and outer third of the lower lash line with a smoldering black kohl pencil. Lancome Kohl EyeLiner is perfect for this step because it is ultra dark, yet super soft and easy to blend. Extend the outer winger in a cat-eye style.
  2. Using the liner applicator from the palette, smudge out the liner and wing using the sparkly black shade (labeled step 2). Don't worry about being precise.
  3. Using the shadow applicator from the palette or a flat brush, apply the sparkly silver shade (step 3) to the inner corner and center lid. Blend out the harsh edge.
  4. With the same brush, apply the gunmetal shade (4) to the outer third of the lid and outer crease, blending the color outwards, and "lifting" it toward the brow. Next, use a clean brush to apply the semi-matte peach shade (step 4) to the brow bone, blending it with the gunmetal gray. Layer the colors to strengthen the gradient.
  5. Apply the shimmery taupe to the center of the lid and to the inner part of the lower lash line. Adding shade to the inner corner will give the illusion of a "dropped" inner corner and will result in a more dramatic cat-eye while the outer corner is "lifted".
  6. Tight-line the entire waterline with the kohl pencil and seal it with the black shadow to keep it from moving.
  7. Line the inner half of the top lash line with the IceBlack Artliner, then line the entire lash line with the Noir Artliner and extend the outer wing. Optional: add lash "Twiggies" to the lower lash line.
  8. Finish with a coat of mascara and false lashes.
Same Eyes, Different Lips
This Smokey Look is so versatile that it could be paired with a number of lip options. For this post, I'm featuring Mary Kay True Dimension Lipsticks in the following shades:
  • Pink Cherié (top left in collage pic) -- blue-based light / medium pink. This gorgeous color is great for an every day pop and also gives the smokey eye a more modern feel.
  • Color Me Coral (top right) -- neutral coral. This every day coral gives the smokey eye a more wearable, natural finish. Great for daily wear in place of boring flesh tones and mauves.
  • Wild About Pink (bottom left) -- bright, raspberry pink. This stunning shade not only makes the skin glow and helps the teeth appear whiter, but also gives a sexy flirty appeal to any dramatic look, as well as today's smokey eye.
  • Firecracker (bottom right) -- vibrant, true red. This shade is more pigmented than the rest and truly perfects the skin. I love that it's not too orange, nor too blue, so it's guaranteed to match lots of skin tones and tastes. Firecracker is the perfect finish to a classic take on the smokey eye.

Get your Mary Kay True Dimensions HERE and USE my 10% OFF CODE for the month of MAY:

For today, I'm going with the classic Firecracker :)
  Happy Weekend Mes Amis! I'm off to Hollywood :)))


Maryam Maquillage


*Some product/s in this post were sent for my consideration and review. The opinion stated is 100% my own.

Maryam Maquillage © 2013.


  1. Lovely makeup!

    Emma x

  2. Great tutorial! I love the lip clor on the 3rd pic :)

  3. You look amazing :D I adore the red lippie on you, it really suits you!

  4. Beautiful, please do more videos these gorgeous makeup does. kisses

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  6. love it! you're so beautiful!

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  8. This is a great look

  9. Gorgeous, as usual, and I love the lippies - too bad I can't get Mary Kay where I live. :( x

  10. Gorgeous as always!

  11. Classic smokey look for an out of this world beautiful woman ♥ You rock as always Maryam *muah xx

  12. this is stunning on you! everything from the eyes to the lips is just classic and beautiful


  13. super stunning ur face is gorgg lol

  14. You look absolutely stunning!:) xx

  15. That looks amazing! Great job!
    Maybe we can follow each other~

  16. These eyeshadow colours are perfect for your eye colour! They really emphasize the deep brown colouring of your eyes.

  17. you are so beautiful,great post ;)

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