Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Gatsby with the Latest Vintage Wares*

With the popularity of the American television show Mad Men and the recent release of the film version of S. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, vintage clothing and accessories are becoming hot items with today’s fashion’s elite. From striking headpieces to 1960’s style A-line dresses, the fashion world is being inundated with old school designs. Jewelry is also getting the vintage treatment with pieces like the sautoir necklace reemerging. You don’t have to dress from head-to-toe like Mad Men’s Peggy to partake in this growing trend. Incorporate a classic locket necklace or dramatic brooch and glam up any simple look. The best thing about this trend is that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for vintage duds and accessories as many of these items can be found in thrift shops or at flea markets.

Antique or vintage jewelry are staples in the jewelry box of any elegant, fashionable woman, so rummage through your mother’s or grandmother’s jeweled goods. You can easily acquire some spectacular finds by scouring thrift shops and vintage stores, or, if you’re looking for some really valuable and unique pieces, check out nearby estate sales, which can be pricey but typically have genuine antiques. If you’re not into antiquing or searching for the latest vintage wares, there are plenty of vintage-inspired designs available from retailers online or at most trendy clothing shops. For brides-to-be, many jewelers, such as 77Diamonds, are crafting antique-inspired engagement an eternity rings that have the same look and design as their much older counterparts. A major new trend for the vintage look is the sautoir necklace, which is comprised of a long chain or beaded necklace garnished with tassels from a detachable or longer and more embellishment permanent pendant. This type of necklace was first introduced during the turn of the 19th century to resemble military braids or chains. It became a fixture in the fashion world in the early 1900's with the emergenceof the flapper style as seen in Gatsby. Today, fashion empires have created contemporary replicas of this design with lengthy strands of pearls and finishing touches such as rhinestones linked together like chains.

*This is a featured post by Ashley Shepherd, a freelance writer and beauty buff who also enjoys reading and watching movies in her spare time.


Maryam Maquillage


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  1. Lovely pieces! I love me some vintage jewelry :) Even if they're not really vintage, but only look vintage haha! Hope that made sense
    To me, vintage equals femininity!


  2. Those are some lovely pieces of jewelry!

  3. Great post! We love vintage style jewellery. They are sophisticated, unique and very elegant.
    Thank you for featuring our pieces!:)

  4. Incredible post, incredible jewelleries!! Love your blog!! And you're so beautiful!! (gosh i'm so ugly x))

  5. IT such a superb collection i never seen this before.

    London Market


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