Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My LA Weekend with Dinair!

Hello old friends and new! It's been a while since my last personal update, so today's post is very special and way overdue. Last weekend, my blog and I hit a major milestone and were formally inducted into the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Family and today, I'm taking you on a mini-tour of my journey!!

Thanks to all of your support and votes, "Maryam Maquillage" won Dinair's Beauty Blogger of the Year Competition and I was named as the top emerging blogger of the year! Joined by the beautiful Stephanie Lee aka LiquidLinerLover on YouTube, a fellow NY-based blogger / vlogger and winner in the top emerging vlogger category, we were flown to LA for an unforgettable weekend with the fabulous Dina Ousley and the amazing Dinair team!!! This was an experience of a lifetime and I can't express to you how thankful and overjoyed I am! 

Here are a few snippets from my journey :)))

Day 1 started at the hotel with a much needed, post-airplane Dinair-brush session!
After meeting Dala (our gorgeous hostess / tour guide / new bestie) and Kyle (our videographer for the day), our group headed to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal City. We chatted, snapped a few pix, and got to know each other over a pitcher of Sangria. The funniest moment / unexpected ice breaker was visiting the haunted house ride after the Sangria -- all four of us came out holding hands!! LOL
Lee (Stephanie) and I couldn't get enough of LA weather -- although it was blindingly bright, we could soak up the sun all day!! It may even be worth a coast change ;))
Next, we hopped on the trolley for an incredible backlot tour through the working film studios of famous movie sets including Jaws, Psycho, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future Trilogy, as well as various sound stages for shows like CSI, Tonight Show and The Voice. I was particularly excited about visiting the Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives), which looked sooo cute in real life -- I couldn't even believe I was on a set! 
After breakfast at the hotel on Day 2, Lee and I headed to the Hilton for an all-day Dinair Workshop Event. There, we were greeted by Dina Ousley, the amazing mastermind behind Dinair, whose personality and presence are truly larger-than-life!! Dina is incredibly dedicated to her company and is so hands on with all her students -- her devotion and passion are so palpable and inspiring!!

Next, we wiped off our makeup and got to airbrushing! We took a Dinair crash-course, practiced important techniques, discovered amazing new products and I must admit, I learned A LOT. Although I achieved amazing results prior to this workshop, I was nowhere as knowledgeable about airbrushing as I am now. This course was really motivating and I can't wait to share my findings in my next Dinair makeup post!
After the workshop, we were presented with official Dinair Institute diplomas certifying our training and took pictures with our ridiculously DIVA-licious, blinged-out NEW compressors!! These babies left Lee and I absolutely speechless -- we couldn't believe our eyes!! It is by far the most beautiful compressor I've ever seen and I'm really eager to film it... get my drift ;))
Lee is beyond STUNNING in her leopard eye makeup and pink highlights!!
Please do yourself a favor and check out her blog Beauty By Lee and subscribe to her YouTube channel Liquid Liner Lover, you will learn so much from this beauty!!

I feel so honored and blessed to have experienced this amazing journey with Lee -- she is so beautiful inside and out, as well as warm, kind, poised and crazy talented!! Not to mention, she's got the world's best hair!!! Thank God she's in New York, so I never have to go too long before hanging out with her again. 

And HANG OUT we DID!!! Check us out back in NYC at an OCC Event!
Dala -- you're missing!!!


Maryam Maquillage


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  1. Congrats!!! I love the cheetah print in your hair!!

  2. omg u werer in la!!!? you should of done a meet up!!! you look gorgeous

    1. Yes lol... I was there for a weekend only, but I have a feeling I'll be back soon!!! xoxox thank you babe <3

  3. I am sooooooo jealous! And your blue leopard printed highlight! LOVE! Maryam you doing big things, i hope i will get anywhere close one day♥

    1. Don't be Janine, you are doing fab work and should be so proud of yourself!! Thank you hon <3

  4. Mr. Hollywood says:

    3 words can only describe: "FAB U LOUS"

  5. Love your blue leopard hair! Great post, seems like a lot of fun. Congrats again!

  6. Yay!!! I already follow Beauty by Lee's blog, Facebook & YouTube pages. I never thought I'd see the two of you talented ladies in one spot--estatic to see that!!!

  7. Congratulations Maryam, You too are beautiful inside & out & it's lovely to see good things happen to those who deserve them :) Your dedication is inpiring! xx Carly from Australia


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