Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pop spLASHes

Salut les filles and wink wink :))

Today's post is a quickie, showing off one of my favorite super easy makeup looks and testing out some newly purchased products. For this look, I paired a bright blue mascara on my lashes with a sheer pink lip stain on the lips for the ultimate easy Sunday maquillage. Another great perk to this makeup look is that it takes virtually no time in applying! Enjoy your Sunday funday :))

  • Blue mascara will bring out brown eyes. I think it actually makes mine look more green, no? Is it just me? 
  • Blue mascara will make you look more awake immediately... this pic was taken at 8 am on a Saturday, pre-coffee... am I succeeding?
  • Line the eye and wear your Blue mascara on your top lashes or skip the liner and apply the mascara to top and bottom lashes
The mascara: LA Splash mascara in Perfect Storm. I got mine at a Duane Reade in NYC for 5 or 6 bucks. This brand carries about 20 different pop colors and I can't wait to go back for more, I'm itching for some aubergine and teal lashes. The quality of this product is very good: the color comes out just as it looks in the tube, the formula is very creamy and consistent, and there are no clumps whatsoever. The down side: because the wand is fine, I had to apply 3 coats to make my itty-bitty lashes look full. I have to say, I kinda prefer clumps, but if you're into mascaras that define and lengthen, give LA Splash a try!                              
On my lips, I'm wearing Dior Addict high shine in Backstage Pink--my favorite glossy pink of all time! Because it comes in lipstick form, you get a lot of product for your money and it won't leak in your makeup bag like a lot of lip glosses tend to. 

Love this combo!

Wink Wink from Maryam Maquillage :))

What's your favorite pop color for lashes?

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