Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moody Blues + DIY French

Salut mes cheries :))

This is me, today... Candidly moving my hair from my face and showing off my fresh French. I like this pic, because it perfectly describes my mood today--a bit anxious and a bit moody... don't worry, I won't take it out on you :))

It was a gloomy, warm Monday in NYC, and as it's coming to a close, I'd like to end it on a positive note. I'll share with you my makeup of the day and I'll walk you through my do-it-yourself French manicure. Hope you enjoy :)))


Maryam Maquillage

Today was just one of those days when I felt like singin' the blues...

Just one of dem days... that a girl goes through... :)


ABOUT THE LOOK (: Heavy navy blue winged liner on top, brown shading on the bottom, balanced with my favorite hard-to-describe lipstic--Rimmel Airy Fairy. I like wearing heavy liner in the rain, it makes me feel windy and bluesy... catch my drift?

TO ACHIEVE: Start by priming the lid, just up to the crease and below the bottom lashline.
  1. Take a navy blue pencil liner and line the top lid, starting at the outer corner. I do this sometimes to exaggerate a cat eye.
  2. Take a smudger brush (a dense short haired flat brush) and smudge out the line, using a bit of shadow in the same navy color. Using shadow to smudge the liner helps to lock in the color.
  3. Take a brown waterproof liner and line under the bottom lash line, stopping had way in. I find that navy blue and brown create the most unusual effect and really play up brown eyes.
  4. For extra contrast, take a black liquid or gel liner on a brush and draw a thin black line on top of the navy blue, staying very close to the lashes. This will "outline" the blue liner, making it appear even more vibrant.
  5. Finish with a coat or two of your favorite mascara to your top lashes.
Turning my frown upside down and FIXing MY FACE!!! YEA!!!

Airy Fairy by Rimmel is an amazing lipstick!
The color is really flattering on me :)
P. S. Get it @ Walgreens, not on Amazon :)



1. Tools you'll need: a) Hand brush b) Nail filer
c) Nail clipper d) Nail scissors for cuticles

Step 1: Chop those nails to your desired length.
I like to keep about a 2 mm tip for French.

Step 2: Round out the edges using a filer

Step 3: Cut the cuticles using sharp scissors. Don't bleed :)

Step 4: Apply a rich cream to your hands,
concentrating on the cuticles 

Step 5: Take your hand brush and brush it gently across your nails 
and cuticles. Repeat step 4 (my hands look quite healthy now :))

Step 6: Base--Duri Rejuvacote, the one and only!!!

Step 7: Color Base--choose from a range of pale pinks or nudes,
I chose a pale lavender (cuz it makes my hands look tan). 
Apply 2 coats :))

Step 8: The tips--for true French, keep them white.
A tip for the tips: Try to line across the nail in one, steady sweep. 
Practice makes perfect. I've been doing my own French since I was 12... :)

 Step 9: Top Coat--Duri Rejuvacote, the one and only!!!

 Et VOILA!!!

French Manicure is my favorite because it is sooo feminine :)))

So, now that I've fixed my nails and face, I am ready for the world!!!




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