Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vintage Funk with a Retro Edge

Salut chicas!!!

Joyeux Weekend!!! Hope you've all had a productive week and are now relaxing to your heart's content. I'm not, as of yet, but I will be soon :)) A big thank you to all of you who have been so supportive of my bloggy thus far, thanks for your kind words, thoughtful comments, awesome requests and great questions!! I've had so much fun reading and responding. Keep them coming, because as much as this blog is for me, it is also (and mostly) for you :))

My look of the day is from Christina Aguilera's new video Not Myself Tonight and it is another long awaited request from an ooold friend. In this video, Xtina is being her typical dirrrty self, thrusting her person and invading your space, but her makeup is en pointe. There are several distinct looks in the video, but the requested makeup was the one where she's wearing curled bangs and a ponytail a la the 50's. This look is actually my favorite from the video, and I think it's probably the easiest to replicate. So, let's get started!!!


Maryam Maquillage

Christina's maquillage is super Glam with a funky edge. Her looks are famous for their modern take on vintage makeup as well as their retro stylistic of current makeup trends. Her lips are almost always red, balancing and playing up her over-the-top eye makeup. One thing for sure, Ms. Aguilera isn't shy when it comes to trying out new looks and that's why she is a perfect muse for my blog :)))

Side Note: In creating this look, I wanted to keep it somewhat wearable, so I tamed the winged eye just a bit, and I used a slightly different pair of lashes. Also, given that I don't look anything like Christina Aguilera, I applied the makeup as I would on someone with my coloring and facial features. Seems obvious, right? What I'm saying is, I did not try to transform my face to look like Christina's, as I did for JLo in my post Maryam La Lopez. In this case, I just wanted to recreate the makeup and the hair. Having said that, I did powder my face quite a bit, one to make it lighter, because I generally think this look is about contrast, and two, because I imagine that's how they did it back in the day. After all, this look is very retro and vintage. If you're darker skinned, disregard everything I just said about lightening and powder with a shade that matches your skin tone :))

Christina giving FACE...

PRODUCTS USED: Not too many of them, this time: Costal Scents contouring and blush paletteClinique cream liner in True Black, Rimmel colour quad in Smoky Noir, Coastal Scents eye shadow brushes, Essence of Beauty brow brush, Apt. 5 blush brush--my favorite, Milani pressed powder in BuffUrban Decay primer potion in Eden, Love & Beauty lashes in Purple, Jane eye zing in Jewel Tones, Jane liquid lip color in tangerine, NYX lipliner in Plush Red

DON'T GET SCARED! I powdered my entire face with Milani pressed powder in buff, which is like 7 shades lighter than my natural skin tone and I also primed my lids with Urban Decay primer potion in Eden, a "flesh tone" shade, that's really only good for one skin tone... not mine. I only like using it when I want to completely cover my lids, as for this look. Once, again, don't be scurrred...

Maryam as Casper the friendly ghost... (with evil eye brows)--> This is NOT me without makeup lol... if you want to see me sans maquillage, click here and scroll down :)) 
  1. After applying primer all over my face (I used a sample from Korres) and primer potion to my lids, I powdered my entire face, including lashes and lips using a powder puff (pictured).
  2. Next, I filled in my brows and emphasized the arch using a mix of gray and black eyeshadow on an angled brow brush (pictured). 

EYES: I used 4 shadows: a matte bone white, a matte gray, a matte black, and a shimmery white. 

This is still looking a bit freaky... but keep in mind, I whited out eerrrthaaang :)) So,

   3. I packed the bone white color all over my lid and up to the brow.
   4. With the gray shadow on a fluffy dome brush, I contoured my eye socket, going slightly lower on the inner and outer corners. 
   5. With the black shadow on a pointed dome brush (pictured), I "outlined" the outer and inner portions of the crease, making it sharper.

   6. Next, I took some shimmery white on a flat brush and packed it on the center of the lid (pictured) and under the brow. 

   Tip: Make sure the brush has a fine edge (an old concealer brush is perfect) when defining the area under the brow. It makes for better control and precision of the application.

   7. With a black gel liner on an angled liner brush, I lined my top lid and extended the wing. 

   Tip: If you can't do this free hand, apply a piece of tape, from the outer corner of your eye across your temple and apply the liner, using the tape as a stencil.

   8. I lined my waterlines using gel liner on a pencil. Tip: Just dip the pencil in the pot and line :))

   9. Finalement!! Apply your lashes et vous êtes fini!!!

The lashes, although not quite like in the original look, are FANTABULOUS!!! 
They are fierce and purple and give this look even more edge!!! Yeah baby!!!

Where did I get them, might you ask...? @ Forever 21 bay bay!!!

 So GLAM, it hurts!!!










Wildin' out with boobage for a lasting impression... :D



  1. wow Fantastic!!!!!!! I love this look I think it's the best one yet. It look sso great on you too. You should go out with your hair and makeup vintage style. I especially love those purple lashes! Great job.

  2. thanks G :)) I had no idea vintage makeup would be so much fun!!!

  3. love this look too!!! <3

  4. OMG! This is an epic post, Masha. And thanks for the gel liner application tip, too :-). I want you to make the last photo of you at the bottom your new profile pic!

  5. Thanks Chris, you always know how to make a girl smile :D

  6. love your make up =D
    im so going to follow you

    check out my page if you like

  7. check out this blog too, its amazing!!


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