Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yourself, slightly better ;)

Joyeux Jeudi :)))

Happy Thursday indeed!!! The last couple of days have been really quite great (for me), even though the bone chilling weather has returned to claim its casualties. I've been dressing warm, keeping it cozy in cashmere and chic in Uniqlo heat-tech. In the winter, layering is unavoidable, so make sure you take advantage of this weather and layer away! I like to pair men's "wifebeater" tanks (what a name...) with long cashmere cardigans and long sleeved cotton tees with bulky knits and vests. For every day, I like to wear my bright Russian shawl over a bland outfit to spice it up and also to show some solidarity ;)... I wrap the shawl around my neck, like a huge scarf for a Mary-Kate hippie effect. Finishing your outfit with a chunky scarf or a bright shawl will add another dimension to your layering, so don't be afraid to show your individuality.

Winter makeup, for me, means less is more. I know, I know... that's not why you came to read my blog, so I'll keep my minimal makeup chatter to a minimum. Instead, I'll show you some tips and tricks on how to achieve a bright eyed, awake and healthy winter look for our everyday lives--work, school, interviews, errands, meetings, and other fun mundane responsibilities that our lives are so full of :))) Read on...


Maryam Maquillage

TIP #1: Winter skin needs TLC that starts with moisture. The popular belief is to drink lots of water to keep your cells hydrated. I stand by that, however, I will add that water drinking (just like everything else in life) must be done in moderation. To me, drinking several gallons of water every day (as some do) is absurd and ridiculous, and will probably result in washing away vital nutrients and necessary bacteria. It just makes sense. Drink warm liquids, by the glass, not by the gallon. Moisturize your face and body, once daily... preferably after a shower or after cleansing your face. Choose a moisturizer for your skin type: light for oily skin, normal for normal, and heavy for dry skin. If you've got combination or sensitive skin, go for a sensitive skin formula. Here are some moisturizers that I find to be effective:

Proactiv Oil Free moisture with SPF 15 for Oily or Acne-prone skin
Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for Dry or Sensitive skin
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for Combination, Dry or Normal skin
Avène Autobronzant hydrant (moisturizing self tanning lotion) for Normal skin plus self-tanner (this one's my fave!!!)

TIP #2: Keep your eye makeup neutral but warm. Start with a peachy beige shadow and apply all over your lid, if you're darker, use a light brown or a chocolate brown shadow. Next, take a matte gray shadow and apply it to your top lash line (for darker complexions, use charcoal or black shadows). Don't worry about making it perfect... just layer on the colors as you would your winter clothes ;)

With a black or brown waterproof liner, line the bottom waterline of your eye and the outer corner of your top lash line. Take the gray, charcoal, or black shadow that you used earlier and smudge the outer corner of the liner, blending it with your shadow. Finish with two coats of mascara to your top lashes. 

The effect should be somewhat smoky, but precise. Line the lips, if you must and top with a nude lipstick or gloss. I like to wear this look when I need to be sharp... in other words--Myself, just a little better. 

At the top of my game...

 Hoop earrings are cool for school, but not for the office ;)

 Keep flyaways away... (hair wax works fine for me)

Be you and don't compromise ;) 



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