Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yellow Never Mellow

Namaste and Aloha :)))


As you know, I've been totally inspired by my bridal concept, so I've decided to imagine the kind of "bride" that I would be. By no means am I planning... I'm just brainstorming and having fun with it!! Since I'm a complete non-traditionalist and don't subscribe to the whole white wedding/white picket fence scenario, my special moment would incorporate the things that I do buy into. I love cultures, I love people, I love art and I love nature... My favorite color is yellow (pink is a close second), and since I can't choose a favorite culture (I love them all), I'm going to do a fusion inspiration: Hula girl meets Bollywood. Hope you all enjoy my newest creation aka my pseudo Bridal look :)


Maryam Maquillage

P. S. My awesome top is by Tracy Reese--her clothes are phenomenal!!!

THE LOOK: Imagine having a Bollywood dance-off in Waikiki... or a Luau in Goa... Bottom Line: Less dressing, more self-expressing!!! wooo-hooo!!!

TO ACHIEVE: Although it looks gold, I would actually classify these shadows as metallic yellow and orange. True gold would make this look appear typical, but I wanted to go for a POP. I applied the yellow with my finger, all over the lid, packing it on generously. Then, I took a bit of the orange on a dome brush and feathered out the yellow into the crease, blending the colors together. I took a bit of a coral-red color and applied it to the outer portion of the crease to intensify it just a bit. I lined my eyes with a black gel liner, applied some falsies and lined my inner waterline with a nude eyeliner. Super easy actually. Then, I took my favorite highlighter, Nars Albatross, and I highlighted my cheekbones, temples, inner tear duct and brow area for a nice golden glow. I can't live without my Albatross!!!

On the lips, I used a Sephora pale pink gloss, in Precious Pink. On my cheeks, I used the coral-red eyeshadow/blush from a Coastal Scents palette and the jewelry is from my local Indian jewelry supplier, Sunanda :)

I love this look!!!

A good yellow shadow is hard to find...

Line your liner in one stroke, if you can...
If not, use small strokes and pull on your eye just a bit

Bombay dreamsss and Hawaii wishes




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