Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yellow Never Mellow

Namaste and Aloha :)))


As you know, I've been totally inspired by my bridal concept, so I've decided to imagine the kind of "bride" that I would be. By no means am I planning... I'm just brainstorming and having fun with it!! Since I'm a complete non-traditionalist and don't subscribe to the whole white wedding/white picket fence scenario, my special moment would incorporate the things that I do buy into. I love cultures, I love people, I love art and I love nature... My favorite color is yellow (pink is a close second), and since I can't choose a favorite culture (I love them all), I'm going to do a fusion inspiration: Hula girl meets Bollywood. Hope you all enjoy my newest creation aka my pseudo Bridal look :)


Maryam Maquillage

P. S. My awesome top is by Tracy Reese--her clothes are phenomenal!!!

THE LOOK: Imagine having a Bollywood dance-off in Waikiki... or a Luau in Goa... Bottom Line: Less dressing, more self-expressing!!! wooo-hooo!!!

TO ACHIEVE: Although it looks gold, I would actually classify these shadows as metallic yellow and orange. True gold would make this look appear typical, but I wanted to go for a POP. I applied the yellow with my finger, all over the lid, packing it on generously. Then, I took a bit of the orange on a dome brush and feathered out the yellow into the crease, blending the colors together. I took a bit of a coral-red color and applied it to the outer portion of the crease to intensify it just a bit. I lined my eyes with a black gel liner, applied some falsies and lined my inner waterline with a nude eyeliner. Super easy actually. Then, I took my favorite highlighter, Nars Albatross, and I highlighted my cheekbones, temples, inner tear duct and brow area for a nice golden glow. I can't live without my Albatross!!!

On the lips, I used a Sephora pale pink gloss, in Precious Pink. On my cheeks, I used the coral-red eyeshadow/blush from a Coastal Scents palette and the jewelry is from my local Indian jewelry supplier, Sunanda :)

I love this look!!!

A good yellow shadow is hard to find...

Line your liner in one stroke, if you can...
If not, use small strokes and pull on your eye just a bit

Bombay dreamsss and Hawaii wishes




  1. You are so beautiful doll face! I own a tikka! LOL I am thinking of the right occasion to wear it! Love this look.

  2. thank you darling!! you are too kind!!! you should wear your tikka to your bday!!! be different, be you!!! oxoxox

  3. oooh yellow my fave color!!! i love how u combined the two!! will try this out! :)

  4. you are freaking GORGEOUS! I can't get enough of your face!

  5. you are gorgeous :)


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