Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Purrfect Cat-Eye

Salut les filles :))

After a two day hiatus, I'm back with a very simple and classic look: the Cat-eye. Forget what you've heard, I'm setting the record straight--Cat eyeliner flatters every single eye shape and is extremely wearable. This look is great for beginners and masters alike and can be as simple or as dramatic as your heart desires. It also happens to be my go-to makeup look for every day and is my favorite easy "glam-me-up". So, if you haven't already tried it, I will walk you through it and together we shall embrace the power of the meow!!! Without further adieu, I present to you the Cat-eye, purrfect for every day--school, work, play, whatever. Enjoy!!!


Maryam Maquillage

THE LOOK: To achieve the Cat eye is easiest with a gel or cream liner, though the look is often enhanced with eyeshadow. For the sake of simplicity, I'll focus just on the liner for today's post :)) The "Cat" qualities of this look have to do with the angle that the eyeliner wing extends outwards and the precision of the line. If you look at the eyes of the kitty in my pictures, his bottom "lashline" goes up at a 45 degree angle, so basically, in recreating this look, we're trying to "lift" the outer corners of our eyes up to 45 degrees. Sounds easy?? it is :))

Degree of DRAMA: Here are some celebrity examples of how the cat eye look can range in terms of drama. Like I said, this look is extremely versatile and can be kept at its minimum or taken to the maximum :)))

The Quintessential Cat Eye:
Adding some drama to every day makeup

The Classic Cat Eye: A bit more drama fo' yo' mama

The Mama Drama of Cat Eyes:
Bold, Graphic, and Fierce!!!

I love all three looks, but my favorite look for every day is the Quintessential, worn by Angie... I wear this cat style liner practically every day, pairing it with nude lips and a coat of mascara over my lashes... or sometimes nothing at all!! The quintessential cat eye is the easiest to achieve and I'm gonna show you how to recreate it!!!

Excuse my sleepy eyes, this was before my coffee. 

THE TOOLS: Black cream or gel liner and an angled liner brush. As always, I use my Clinique cream liner in True Black. It comes with a tiny brush, but I don't recommend using it for application... I use it for touchups only. For beginners, you might also need a gray or light brown pencil or shadow, just for guiding.

Clinique Brush-On Cream Eye Liner .17 oz Boxed, True Black 02

THE STEPS: Because my lids are super oily, I use a dab of Primer Potion even for an eyeliner application. I put two dots--one on the outer corner and another on the middle of my top lash line and spread it across and under the eye with my finger. If your lids are normal to dry, you can go ahead and skip this preliminary step.
  1. With your gray or light brown pencil or shadow, draw a light thin line from the middle of your bottom lash line to the outer corner and extending the line at the same angle. If your bottom lash line does not naturally curve up, this is where you will have to fake the angle :)
  2. Take some black liner onto your brush (not too much--this look is buildable) and trace or "sharpen" just the outer wing you drew with the pencil. Keep the line fine, and stop about 3-8 mm from the outer corner. My outer wing is usually about 5 mm, but yours can be longer if your eyes are bigger.
  3. Take some more color on your brush and draw a very thin line from the center of your top lash line to the start of your outer wing. If you're using a fine brush, you can just dab the color into your lashes. 
  4. The line has to be thinnest in the center of your eye (at the start of the eyeliner) and gradually get thicker towards the wing. If you're not comfortable drawing it freehand, take an index card (or an envelope--put those bills to good use!!) and place it slightly above your lash line, connecting the center to the edge of the outer wing. Fill it in and you're done!!!
Add some mascara to your top lashes :))

Rim the bottom waterline with a nude or beige pencil

Take a cotton swap and clean the line if you have to

Again, before coffee...

After coffee and blowout, wearing my new favorite vest, hand-made by my mama, with all the love in her mama heart ♥♥♥


  1. u are so pretty !!!
    the cat is so cute posing along lol
    now a follower :)

  2. thank you so much!!! I love your name :)))

  3. I love u mama

    xx andrea

  4. это наш Масян позировал. Где он теперь? помнишь - Синди?
    Маша, перевод гениальный!)))))

  5. конечно помню Синьдюху... как его забыть. Он наверное женился Галь, у него куча деток, и он ведет здоровую жизнь правильного отца :)) Давай, лепи мне еще комментарии МаМа Галия!!!

  6. мама галияMarch 3, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    что? ушёл примаком в тёщин дом??? свин такой...а нас забыл
    ты себе нарисуй такую же родинку над верхней губой в дополнение к кошачьим глазкам! )))


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