Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentina for Valentine's

Happy Birthday Babushka and Happy Valentine's Day Friends!!!

My Grandma, named Valentina, turns 80 today :))) Wowzers!!! Gosh I miss my Ba, she is too far from me living in Russia and I so wish that it was not the case...  If we were together right now, we'd be having her homemade wine... mmm. So, in honor of all the lovers and all the cupid's children like my Ba, let's enjoy this beautiful occasion and bring a little love to our lives.


Maryam Maquillage

THE LOOK: My Valentine's Day look was inspired by the makeup on Rihanna at yesterday's Grammy awards. Although, my real self was left feeling utterly unamused by the show--I, Maryam Maquillage, was quite impressed with the makeup, costumes, and... Bieber. Yayyyy...

V-DAY is a celebration of romance, so I wanted to keep my look very girly, yet slightly edgy, to fit my personality :)) I fully enjoy wearing bright eye shadows and falsies, so I went for a look that could incorporate the fun of color and the softness of femininity.

THE EYES: are actually rather easy to recreate. I used only two brushes: a flat shadow brush and a contouring brush. I blended all the colors using the contour brush, wiping it off after every step.
  1. After priming the lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion, I applied a white sticky base (NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk) all over my lid and slightly above the crease, blending out with my finger.
  2. Using a flat shader brush, I packed on matte white shadow on top of the lid and in the inner tear duct.
  3. With the same brush, I packed on some pale baby blue shadow over the center of the lid, on top of the white.
  4. Taking another sticky base (NYX jumbo eye pencil in Cherry), I drew a crease a couple millimeters above my natural crease and blended the color upwards.
  5. Next, I went over the crease base with a matte bright pink shadow on a contouring brush, using windshield wiper motions.
  6. To emphasize the crease some more, I took a cool purple color and went over the outer "V" of the eye, blending with the pink and the white. I also used the purple to line my bottom lash line and outline the inner portion of the crease.
  7. I used the matte white to blend out the harsh line and as a highlight under the brow.
  8. To finish the eye look, I lined the upper and lower waterlines with a black waterproof liner (Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero). Lining the waterlines makes the lashes seem fuller, making the eyes pop without the use of the obvious harsh liner :))
  9. Add your falsies, if you must, and you're done!!!

Blushing lids create innocent eyes

TO LIGHTEN MY BROWS,  I used a cake concealer to cancel them out and a taupe pencil to fill them in. Because my brows are naturally black, I have to "erase" them first before filling in with a different color. To keep the hairs in place, use some hair wax on a spoolie, or eyebrow gel.

THE KEY to this eye look is blending and making the colors look like they're flowing into one another. Lashes add extra oomph and edginess to your innocent eye :)) I liked Rihanna's wine lips, but thought it would be more appropriate for the occasion to keep them neutral with a slight berry sheen. 

View from above

Sweet Valentine

 Saucy Valentine

Sultry Valentine

Ze Muse (my wine lips came from consumption :)


This is how Parisians do Romance... 

C'est moi 



  1. oooooh i like, it reminds me of the sky!!!!

  2. OMG your Valentine's Day look is so pretty. Love the look =)


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