Friday, February 4, 2011

The Humble Aquarian

Salut les filles ;)))

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday to my bestest bestie, my Lizzie!!! Birthdays galore! Wowzers, there are so many Aquariuses in my life, I feel like I must seize this opportunity for inspiration--and I shall :))) So, let's talk astrology... As a teenager, I used to be very involved in pursuing the knowledge of the zodiac, signs, compatibility, etc., but as I've grown older, that passion seems to have escaped me. I do remember, however, that being a Libra, I am highly compatible with Aquariuses because we are both native air signs. That explains the birthday season--most of my friendships have been written in the stars, awwww :)) So, to honor all you water carriers, you beautiful, airy Aquarians, my make-up look of the day is inspired by your unique and mysterious qualities. Hope you all enjoy and benefit from my mini how-to, (even if you're a scorpio, taurus or leo ;)


Maryam Maquillage

Lovely Aquarius drawing I found on the net

THE LOOK: Inspired by air, water and the color aquamarine, I'm keeping this look "humble" to represent the humility of the Aquarian nature, and (also to keep it wearable and simple since I'll be wearing this look to school)... I'm not one for trying too hard when attending classes, I think it sends the wrong message hehe... then again, if wearing bright and bold makeup to school is within the boundaries of your personality, then by all means, go for it!! For me, school is not a runway, but that's just me lol...

THE TOOLS: Here are some options for you to achieve this look:
The eyeshadow: Shattered from the Urban Decay Ammo palette, first sample on my arm on the bottom of the pic. This shadow is very shimmery and has a nice blue-green sheen, depending on how the light hits it.
The jumbo pencil: NYX electric blue jumbo eye pencil, second sample on my arm. This is the brightest of the options.
The eyeliner: Bourjois Sparkling eyeliner in Lagon ensoleillé (sunny lagoon). I purchased this one in Paris, so if you like it, you might have to search the internet a bit. This pencil is the third sample on my arm and is my number 1 choice for this look. The color is bright and matte with tiny silver glitters that actually show up :)) Kudos to Bourjois!!!
Other tools: L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black, NYC liquid eyeliner in Jet Black (only $1 in Target, however, it's quality is quite eeh), Urban Decay Primer Potion, and an eyelash curler of your choice.

  1. With your bright aquamarine eyeliner or shadow, draw a thick line across your lid, winging it out slightly. If you're using a shadow, you might want to do this with an angled eyeliner brush.
  2. Take your black liquid liner, you can use gel or cream liners as well, but NO pencil... you need a smudge-free formula for precision. Make sure the brush you're using is fine and the bristles don't feather out. 
  3. Start at the inner corner of your eye: place the tip of your brush at the roots of your lashes and drag all the way across. Try to do this in one swift stroke, keeping the line thin and staying close to the lashes.
  4. Next, curl your eyelashes and apply one coat of mascara. Take tweezers and pinch the tips of your lashes in 4 or 5 places across. The sparseness will create a dow-eyed effect. Finish with another coat of mascara.

connect the dots

Eye C U

When does a blink become a wink ;)

Same look on a different day :)

P. S. If you've been following my blog, by now you probably know that I am completely obsessed with NYX cosmetics. For this week only, Hautelook is doing a sale on NYX palettes and makeup sets. The prices have been cut up to 75% off!!! Here's the link and happy shopping!!!

Wearing my Cartouche Isis earrings. Why? Cuz I stand with Egypt...
that is my first and last political statement ;)

And my lipstick is MAC amplified creme in Warm Me Up


  1. Awwww M! thanks for showing us Aqua girls love!mwah I love you Libralicious.P.S. I got an Aqua manicure last night in honor of the same thing lol

  2. Thanks from Aquarians! good look for friday night. will try <3


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