Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steely Smoke (Pack)

Coucou ;))

So as some of you may be watching the superbowl, (yippeeee!!!) I'm here trying to publish another post for you all (yaaayyy!!!) Question: Are there any makeup fanatics out there who are also football fans?? I believe I only know of one... my darling bff Larissa. Hi Larry ;) So not that I'm into football at all, but today I learned, through a sort-of charades guessing game, the names of the two teams playing tonight. Apparently, Packers pack paper in Wisconsin, and Steelers are known for steel in Pennsylvania... who knew?? Better question is, how does this tie into makeup? Well... after looking through my photo archives, I realized I have quite a collection of particular makeup looks, with the most frequent being the smokey eye look. My smoky compilation consists primarily of grays and gun metals, so I thought why not share it, in honor of the superbowl... After all, Steelers and Packers really do remind me of a Steely Smokey Eye. I hope you all catch the connection here hehe. Please enjoy and do vote in the poll :))


Maryam Maquillage


This look is perfect for all eye colors. The shimmery silver brings out blue and green eyes, making them brighter, and the black liner brings out hazel and brown shades, making them lighter and more noticeable. Keep the look wearable by pairing it with pale or nude lips and minimal blush on the apples of the cheeks. 

To achieve this look is simple. You'll need two shades of silver shadow and a good, waterproof gel liner applied to top and bottom lash lines and waterlines.  I'm wearing Coastal Scents gel liner in Stellar, and I'm sure of this because this summer (when this pic was taken) I was completely obsessed with Stellar and wore it every day. The color is sort of a muted charcoal black with tiny silver micro glitters. I still use it for my waterline, but have graduated to Clinique cream liner in True Black because it is the creamiest formula ever, and the color is blacker than black. My lips are outlined with NYX natural and filled in with Prestige lipliner in Silk, a pale pinky nude. 


Similar to the first look, but less heavy on the liner with the emphasis on smokiness, blending and shading. Here, I used a silver shadow, a skin tone shadow and a light, shimmery highlight. I like this look because the flesh tone shadow gives a warmness to an otherwise very cool eye. I paired it with some lashes and clear gloss on my lips, for an extra pop. 

Apply the silver shadow first, then blend it out using a flesh tone shadow on a dome shaped brush. The two colors will flow into one another, creating a nice gradient effect. Finish with a bright highlighter shadow, right under the arch of your brow, then line your upper lash line and bottom waterline with a black gel liner. 

For an extra sparkle, top the silver lid with loose glitter. I like MAC reflects pearl and gold glitter. LA Splash and NYX also have great choices on glitter.


Simplest look to achieve, yet it's the most glamorous. I used exactly 2 shadows for the look and 1 liquid eyeliner. Start with a matte gray shadow by packing it on the lid and past your crease. Next, take a clean dome-shaped brush and "erase" the harsh line by sweeping the brush along the edge of the gray shadow in windshield wiper motions. Take a matte white or bone color shadow and apply under your eyebrow, not touching the gray. With a black liquid liner, line the top lash line, adding a wing at the end and lightly line the bottom lash line with the matte gray shadow.

Add some half lashes or lash accents just the corners of the eyes and you're done!! On my lips, I'm wearing some ruby red gloss to match my earrings. I typically don't like to match my outfits to my makeup, but occasionally, I do... :))


Rimmer Colour Rush Quad Eyeshadow in Smokey Noir (quad--4 colors)
Brushes: Sonia Kashuk Crease Shadow Brush, Studio Tools Medium Shadow Brush, both from Target.


  1. look # 3 is my fave.I love how perfect you get the liner.I always have hell getting it right .Mash just wondering what you know on facial masks and what would be good to refine pores and what's the best for cleansing pores.Asking for Diony btw lol

  2. go to my post The Skinny About Skin... it's all about masks :))

  3. Wow, i love the look #1 & 2 the eyes, the lips just perfect. I always check your makeup posts, so please dont be offended by this, but your lips are just as beautiful without the lip liner & i think the red lip liner takes away a bit from that.

  4. lol thanx, not offended at all. I'm addicted to lipliner and just liner in general, I always feel like I need to define something!! actually, my next post will be on the topic and should be refreshing :))

  5. thaaanks for the shoutout bestie, eheehhe... but yeh i can never get d smokey look with gray right cuz i always look beat up wen i try i stay away from this color, maybe one day u can try it out on me cuz i always tend to jus go with browns n pinks my safe colors hehehe

    ps i love the 1st look!

  6. noooo, gray would look amazing on youuuu!!! you just have to make sure you blend it out with a light brown... I love gray shadows, I think they make the eyes look so sexy!!! I'll def try it on you next time oxoxox

  7. look like beyonce:)

  8. No way, really?? Awww I love her, thank you so much!!!

  9. Haha my 6 year old nephew saw this picture and said she's so pretty!! lols I love the eye look, its a bit smokey but not too intense. And the earings a gorgeous! =]

  10. awwww so sweet!!! Thanks honey and a big thanks to your qt-pie nephew :))) oxox


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