Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week in Review

Salut mes cheris!!!

Hope you're all doing well and are healthy and happy :)) I apologize for my week long hiatus, please don't think I've abandoned my blog, and know that my heart's been aching every day that I didn't write... This week's been pretty hectic and exciting, with Valentine's Day on Monday, a surprise party for my mom's milestone b-day on Wednesday and a spontaneous "Fun in the Sun" bbq at my dad's on Friday. I love my fam, so naturally I took a few pics to celebrate the festivities :))

This post will be a review of my maquillage throughout the week, in hopes to catchup and get back on track to my regular posting routine. yaaayyy!!!


Maryam Maquillage


Tuesday--Keeping with my Valentine's theme, I went for a girly lavender eye with a neutral lip for a flirty everyday look. This makeup is perfect for work or school and looks great on brown, hazel, or green eyes. The liner is very winged and defined, but it is also subtle because of the shade. One of my favorite "drug store" gel liners is Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in eggplant: it comes with a good brush, glides on easily and doesn't dry out. The color is very rich but it isn't bold, making this a perfect product for experimenting with the shape and thickness of your liner. Sometimes, black liner can be too much for the daytime, particularly when it's winged out to the heavens... Sticking to a more neutral color, like brown or eggplant gives you more freedom to "wing out" to your heart's content :)))

WEDNESDAY--Festive French

Wednesday--not my usual nails day, but I had to switch my boring French for something more festive, as  it was my mommy's b-day!! As always, I used my Duri Rejuvacote as a base and top coat. For the nail color, I chose Sinful Colors nail polish in Pink Glass--a glassy pale pink made of tiny white and pink flecks. This brand is available in most drugstores and goes for $1.99--an unbeatable deal, really. For the tip, I used Soo Nails nailpolish in Silver Down, a potent metallic-chrome silver. I love the metallic nail polishes from this brand, they are the closest thing I've seen to Minx :))) 

I love using metallic nail polishes on my tips because they make the nails look extra catty. The light hits the center of the nail, making it appear more sharp and stiletto-like. For more info on nails, go to my post The Nail House, and check out my favorite nail polishes!!

Here's my makeup and nails for my mom's surprise party :)
The theme is Green, for my mom's Green ojos :)

The party was held at a cute French place in Red Hook, so I went for an easy, classy look: Black cat eyeliner and falsies, glowing cheekbones and barely there lips. I knew that I'd be consuming plenty du vin, so I decided to forego a bold mouth, as I always do when there's wine involved. 

TIP: Do not wear light or bright lipstick if you know you're going to be drinking red wine and taking pictures. Wine (especially red) tends to stick to the surface of the lipstick, changing its color and temporarily dying the inner portion of your mouth, making it appear smaller. This may go unnoticed in a dark setting, but once the flash comes on, there's no hiding. I found this out the hard way on my bday... :/

FRIDAY--Fun in the Sun

Friday--saw record-breaking weather in New York City... When I say "fun in the sun"--I mean, I caught a tan... in the middle of February!!! Weather, being another one of my other obsessions, never fails to impress me... I really think the world is coming to an end. Anyway... 

My makeup is simple and "sunny" using copper and brown shadow and black winged liner on my eyes. I wore this look to hang out with my papa and the fam, in "sunny" Staten Island :) 

Look how the copper shadow glistens in the sun... as are my cat nails :)

Wine + Sun = Heaven

P. S. All three pictures were taken by my 3.5 year old sister Hani
P. P. S. Her twin, our brother Rashid is chillin' in the background



  1. i have to give u credit, ur the only girl friend i have who knos how to do her nails perfect!!!!! we pay like so much money to get it done, n u jus got better with practice throughout these years!!!!

    ATTN EVERYONE: she had a nail polish collection like 100 of them at age 12! lol


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