Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here comes the Bride...

Salut darlings!!

Today, I'm fulfilling a long awaited request from my bestie Larry aka Larissa, for a Bridal Makeup Look. This bride-to-be knows that I'm no expert at weddings, (nor do I claim to be) but she asked me to do a look that showcases what I think a "bride should look like". I searched the net for inspiration for about 5 minutes and decided to give up because the only inspiring wedding makeup I found was Bollywood makeup. Yes, I am biased. I love bold, bright colors and I tend to favor exotic definitions of female beauty... hence, I will never have a white wedding. On the other hand, Larry the traditionalist, will not be arriving on an elephant, so I'm going to present her with a couple of looks worthy of a classic modern bride. I hope you all enjoy them as well. 


Maryam Maquillage

P. S. Wedding talk makes me anxious hehe

Bridal Look #1: The Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride Look is all about romance, innocence and purity and is BEST FOR:
  • Women who don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis and want to go for natural bridal look.
  • Traditional, modest or modern brides
  • Beach wedding, church wedding, city hall :)
  • Women with an olive or yellow skin tone
  • Brown, hazel or green eyes
  • Do-it-yourself makeup

Here's what you'll need: The two palettes are from Coastal Scents. They are both neutral palettes, the one on the right also includes some blushes. Get the one on the left (Coastal Scents 28 neutral palette) if you're lighter, and the one on the right (Coastal Scents 26 Shadow and Blush Combo) if you're darker. The rest of the products are pretty self explanatory, so zoom in to take a closer look :))

The Key to this look is accentuating your features and warming up the skin tone. Start with the FACE:
  1. Prime your face with a primer
  2. Fill in your brows with a shade that's slightly lighter than your hairs and brush it out using a spoolie
  3. Use concealer to cover your dark circles, blemishes and spots
  4. Buff on mineral foundation over your entire face, and the areas where you applied concealer, sealing it in place
  5. Apply setting powder over your t-zone.

EYES: Prime your lids with an eye shadow primer and use matte shadows for the entire look.
  1. Start by contouring the socket of your eye with a warm light brown shadow on a stiff dome brush.
  2. Taking a pale pink shadow on a flat shader brush, pack the color onto the lid, up to the crease.
  3. With the dome brush, blend the pink into the light brown.
  4. Take a detailing brush, and a darker brown, and define the crease a bit more, then blend it out.
  5. Apply a bone color under the brow and in the inner tear duct of the eye with the flat brush and blend it out with your finger.
  6. Line the upper lash line with a brown waterproof pencil and smudge it with the darker brown on a detailing brush
  7. Line the bottom lash line with the brown shadow and rim the bottom waterline with a flesh tone pencil.
  8. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

FINISH the look with a rose blush on the apples of the cheeks and use the pink lid shadow to highlight the tops of your cheeks. Apply a pale pink lipstick and blot with a tissue. Add a few spritz of finishing spray to your entire face and your look is complete!!!

The Blushing Bride in Pink :))

 I DO! I DO! Put a ring on it!!! j/k

I can go for a beach wedding... but only if my groom has dreads :))

Bridal Look #2: The Beautiful Bride

The Beautiful Bride Look is all about beauty, glamour, style, and class and is BEST FOR:
  • Women who describe themselves as fashionistas
  • Classic, chic, contemporary, traditional and non-traditional brides
  • Church wedding, destination wedding, Vegas or the Plaza :)
  • Any complexion
  • Any eye color
This Look builds on top of the previous, so if you want to recreate it, follow the previous steps up to the finishing part :) You will need shimmery shadows to continue with this look.

You'll need: the previously used shadows, primers, etc.

PLUS a few more things :))

  1. Take a shimmery dusty pink color and apply it all over the lid by packing it on with a flat shader brush.
  2. Take a pearly pale pink and highlight the high point of the brow arch and the inner tear duct, using a flat angled brush.
  3. With a shimmery brown color on a dome brush, redefine the crease and the outer corner using windshield wiper motions.
  4. Taking a shimmery purple gel liner or shadow on an angled liner brush, line your top lash line and wing it out at the corner. Line the center of the bottom lash line as well.
  5. Apply a white pencil liner to the bottom waterline and seal it by packing on the shimmery highlight shadow directly over it. This will make the eyes brighter and bigger.
  6. Apply half lashes (because a glamorous bride cannot be without her lashes ;) and coat the bottom lashes with mascara.

Keep the lips nude but glossy and highlight the cheekbones :)

 Add some pearls and don't forget to show your pearly whites :D

OK, so my veil is really an Indian scarf... you got me!!!
I'm feeling inspiiiired (hint hint), so stay tuned :)))

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Stay Tuned for More Wedding Stuff!!!


  1. i love the beautiful bride, its not too much, not too little, i like that u accentuated on the eyes!!! :) and yes i may be a traditionalist....but i definitely wouldn't go for that not wearing much make up look cuz i love make up and u kno, i tink for a wedding, someone that does wear make up should look extraordinary!! :)

    thaaaaaanks for taking ur time to do this for me!!!
    bollywood anything is always beautiful, just look how rich the colors are!!! looooove!

  2. lol love ya Larreee!!! Yes, well, I had you in mind with the second look :))) The first one is for another bride-to be oxoxox

  3. ur too funny Masha! I'm patiently awaiting your wedding day missy. I better be a bridesmaid when that comes if you get bridesmaids lol Anyhow I love how the looks are very romantic and sweet and not over the top!

  4. HA! I bet you'll recreate the Russian wedding in a white bikini - a tasteful white bikini, of course :-P.

  5. I like look #2 and the lip color is lovely.



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