Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Sweet, Saucy and Sultry Valentine

Salut mes amis!!!

Samedi has arrived and I'm sure a lot of you will be celebrating Valentine's Day today :)) Hope you and your sweetheart are having a wonderful Saturday so far and I'm delighted to be a part of it ((: if you're reading my blog, that is :))) Today's post is straight to the point: I'm showcasing some of my archived makeup looks that I find to be appropriate for a Valentine's Day celebration. I tried to select different styles of looks, so that it can accommodate a bunch of different tastes. Hope you all enjoy!!!


Maryam Maquillage


LOOK #1: THE SAUCY SOCIALITE--Fun and flirty, with a hint of "Gossip Girl", this look is perfect for a Valentine's Party where one wants to see and be seen. Likewise, it is also great for a singles V-Day celebration, if you're planning on mingling with lots of "prospects" and want to add a little spice to a roomful of hopeful romantics. 

TO ACHIEVE: Pack on some pigmented gold shadow onto your lid, staying under the crease. Use a fluffy dome shaped brush to apply the rest of the colors and blend them well using windshield wiper motions. Apply a lavender color above the gold, and an orange or pink above the lavender. The gradient effect will make your eyes look like a golden sunset. Add a shimmery nude highlighter under the brow, line the top lash line and your waterline, apply your mascara and the eye look is complete!!

SECRET TIP: For this look, I used the Makeup Forever HD Foundation--the only liquid foundation worth a darn cent, in my opinion. This foundation is no joke... It will cover and hide everything. I wear it only as a last resort when my skin declares war on me, and astonishingly I get the most compliments on my skin when wearing this product. Little do they know, I'm hiding battle wounds!!! This thing is incredible, however, I don't recommend it for everyday use, because the formula is heavy and you will become an addict to a very expensive product. If you do get some sporadic breakouts here and there, this product is well worth the money and should last you a while. P. S. Notice that my freckles and pores are gone... zoom in if you must, and appreciate the miracle work of this HD foundation!! Excuse my eyebrows though, I was going through a bushy phase ;))

PRODUCTS USED: Left (top): Frosted Lilac from the NYX trio. Left (middle): gold shadow from the Jadé quad (I got this palette in Russia, it is super pigmented and shimmery). Left (bottom): Lavender from the Almay trio for brown eyes. Blush Palette: Orange Blush (2nd from top on left row) from the Coastal Scents Blush Palette. Brush: Sonia Kashuk contouring brush. Foundation: Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 140. 


LOOK #2: THE SULTRY BOHEMIAN--great for an afternoon date or a day-to-evening transition, but slightly more dramatic than my yesterday's V-Day Pregame look. The focus is on the eyes and the effect is smokey, sultry, and romantic. 

THE EYES: I applied a purple sticky base under the shadows and used a combination of pink, purple, and lavender shadows of various finishes. First, I packed on a cool amethyst purple all over the lid, a matte black on the outer corner and a sheer lavender on the center of the lid, on top of the amethyst. Then, I mixed a shimmery pink and a matte purple for the crease and applied it with a dome shaped fluffy brush, blending the colors together to create a gradient effect.

PAIR THIS LOOK with a nude or clear glossy lip and warm up your skin with a bronzer. I like to use Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contouring and Bare Minerals Warmth for warming and bronzing up. If you're blessed with a darker complexion, go ahead and apply highlighter the tops of your cheeks instead. I love MAC mineralize blushes and skin finishes for highlighting. They look gorgeous on every skin tone and make the skin look so healthy, youthful and glowing. HA! This is clearly a candid pic, as my facial expression does not suggest camera readiness lol... don't mind my frustration :))

PRODUCTS USED: Clockwise from top: Revlon Illuminance All-over Palette in Passion Fusion, I used the light purple color as a base. Jane Mix & Match Eye Zing in Jewel Tones, I used the color Amethyst on my lid. L'Oréal Hip shadow duo in Flamboyant, I used the matte purple for the crease. Clinique quad, I used the soft shimmer Disco Pink #234 for the crease. NYX 10 color eyeshadow in Jazz Night, I used the black and navy for deepening the crease and lavender for highlighting the lid.


LOOK #3: THE SWEET DREAMER--is all about jewel tones. Perfect for a date with your one and only, this eye look will keep his eyes locked on yours ;))

APPLY a purple sticky base to your lid and top with a navy shadow. I used a sample shadow from Coastal Scents, either Night Swim or Midnight Sky... Blend out the edge with a pearly purple color on a dome shaped brush using windshield wiper motions. Clean the brush and blend out the purple with a flesh tone color shadow, using the same technique. Line the bottom lash line with the pearly purple and add some shimmery light pink to the inner tear duct and the center of the lid. Finish the eye look by lining the top lash line with a black gel liner and add mascara to the top lashes. 

<--The finished eye should look something like this. Since this look is very versatile, you can pair it with lots of different lip colors and textures like matte nude, clear gloss, mauve, pink, rose and even burgundy. Avoid wearing red lips, however, as they will be overshadowing your shadow or vice versa ;)                                                                 TIP: Wearing red lips with a contrasting eye look is like having two extraverts in one room... they compete for attention, making everyone else starve and hate them in the end :)) Y'all know what I'm talking about... two extraverts would probably not make a great pair on Valentine's Day hehe ;))

PRODUCTS USED: NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Purple as a base, and Maybelline expert wear eyeshadow in Time For Wine. I love this quad, the neutral color is perfect for blending.


Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Purple Haze or Purple Rain?

My Beautiful Bestie showing her love for purple :))
Can ya say oo0o0oo-La-la...


The Socialite Outfit...

 Bracelets galore...
Top: Indian Bangles; Bottom: Parisian bracelet and ring



  1. I definitely fit the mold of THE BOHEMIAN look.Love it and Makeup Forever is great I used to have a huge makeup forever palette and lost it somewhere when I moved out my parents :o( I miss it soooooo

  2. The bohemian is fun... you could do it with the UD ammo palette. Use Grifter for the lid, Oil Slick for the outer corner, and Last Call for the crease. Would look great on you!!! oxoxox

  3. Do you do YouTube tutorials? If not you definitely should! You have a very artistic eye and I love the color combinations you choose. J'adore.

    (Je m'appelle Vanessa. I am Larry (aka Larissa's friend)

  4. Merci beaucoup, enchanté... :)) I will start doing videos as soon as i get a decent camera and learn how to edit. Stay tuned!!


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