Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Ready-to-Wear

Happy Hump-Wednesday mes amis :))

Once again I find myself desperately awaiting the week's end... My lack of longer posts and big, experimental makeup is mainly due to the fact that I'm painfully struggling with a densely packed schedule consisting of one nasty chemistry class (it's a requirement). Yes, this is my last class before I'm outta skool once and for all, so I'm giving it all I've got, though my all really isn't much when it comes to sciences. I've always been able to bs breeze my way through most subjects, earning a relatively easy A, but this aint that kind of a story. So, enough with the rant, it's all over after tomorrow and then I can finally exhale...

Now you know that the reason why I have so many "ready-to-wear" makeup looks is because I'm literally taking my pix moments before I'm out the door for chem! I promise I'll have more fun and exciting stuff like my Red Lash Special as soon as this school bs business is over. The great thing about ready-to-wear looks however, is that they only take a few minutes to complete and can be replicated by anyone--even makeup newbies. So voila, yet another easy makeup look for every day: perfect for school, work, play, whatevs :))
Read more for more pix & blah blah blah :)

In the above pic, you can see my natural, semi-dry, fresh out the shower hair--ready-to-wear. Yeah it looks frizzy, but I never have time to do my hair in the morning, so I usually just wash and go. Depending on the humidity outside, it settles either straight or slightly wavy. Personally, I really don't care much for hair products, maybe some occasional hair spray, if that... so I'm all about natural hair. I'm big into hair masks and I looove home remedies like avocado, olive oil, mayo, etc. So, I will gladly accept recipes of concoctions if you have any suggestions :))

My Maquillage: I've seen this eye combo many times before--on celebrities & beauty bloggers, amped up & played down, on big eyes & asian eyes. My verdict: brown and teal eyeliners work together in near-perfect chemistry :D and are great for a ready to wear look ;)

I particularly like the pop of color and the simplicity of this fun and wearable, daytime maquillage. 

My brown liner: Clinique cream liner in Black Honey--my new faaaavorite summer eye liner. I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it. The color is a shimmery warm brown that is very complementary to any eye color, but it's an absolute must-have for every brown-eyed chica out there :)

My teal liner: Bourjois Sparkling eyeliner in Lagon ensoleill√© (sunny lagoon). This is my top favorite teal / aqua pencil liner--it's bright, it's got glitter, it's got sparkle and I got it in Paris :)

The technique of the application is simple, just line the top and line the bottom, add some mascara and a highlight and you're done. Gloss up the lippies, brush the brows, powder the nose (actually before the rest of your makeup) and off you go!

Sometimes, when I'm running super duper late, I do my makeup on the go! Yes, I am that girl on the bus... and I'll be that girl until I'm an old lady :)) 

Q: How many of you apply your makeup in public transportation?

Q: If you only had time for one, which would you choose to do, your makeup or your hair?

Q: What's your "ready-to-wear" makeup look?


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