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Hola amigos :))

Thursday just started and I can't wait for it to be over so I can be one day closer to the weekend. I feel like this week has dragged on for too long and I'm so ready & eager for a fresh start. My brand new week usually begins on a Friday with a much needed recharge (alone time). Since I'm not really a party person, I typically spend my weekends casual and cozy--with my beau, that is. Our QT consists of beaching, picnicking, shopping, strolling, dining, wining, and dvr-ing. Don't get me wrong, I love socializing with my friends, but crowded bars and clubs just aren't my thing anymore. When I go out in groups, I prefer restaurants & lounges over clubs & bars, or better yet, I love a good old fashioned house party or bbq... but that's just me :)

The reason for my "going-out" themed intro is that after reviewing some of my recent posts, I realized that I'm sort of lacking in the summer evening makeup department. Hence, I wanted to showcase my recent evening looks (I do go out after all), starting with this pink shimmery number I wore last Friday to my dad's exhibition / performance (he's an artist and in a band--a story for another post :)...
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THE MAQUILLAGE :) Some of you may see this look as subtle, and though it's definitely not super dramatic or over the top, I would play it down for daytime. Just look at those mile long lash accents from Kiss!! They just scream and ooze nightlife... meooowww

PRODUCTS USED: eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Naked Palette (surprise... )

LIP TIP: Matte lipsticks are drying and tend to settle into creases, highlighting lines and imperfections. At the same time, they are also quite buildable, so they can increase the volume of your pout. My trick is to exfoliate the lips, smear some lip balm or chapstick, blot away the excess and then apply a couple coats of the matte lipstick. This way it lasts all night!!

Pink Base (Strawberry Milk) under a shimmery champagne shadow (Sin) plays up the pink undertones of the shadow and makes it more fun :))
Excuse the overexposed photos...
naughty lash...

These pictures were taken after I got home, and as you can see, the makeup shows some signs of wear and tear... The lipstick has attracted wine stains (and also wore off in the center) and the lash accents started to detach. The night was particularly humid, so the hair was a total mess and the forehead had turned into a frying pan... 

What are your favorite summer makeup colors for going out?


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous. Everytime I see a new post from you I go all gaga! haha :p I should really started using my Urban decay palettes more as they have so many neutral colours to turn in tod day and night look. I love the lipstick on you too :)

  2. It's pretty! Plus I am loving the lashes on you!

  3. Great makeup! Feminine yet bright enough for an evening out. You would not believe that but I used to use same pink & lavender color scheme when I was blond. Now being brunette, the color preference changed: mostly red lips hehe surprise surprise!

  4. great make up! it looks like there's a lot of shimmer but I guess the camera pick it up.. Gorgeous!

  5. I'm in total agreement with you re: going out. I love hanging out with my close friends, but there's little that the bar can offer me anymore that I can't do in someone's house/backyard for a fraction of the price and effort. The only exception I make is gay bars, oh my LAWD do I love getting crazy with painfully good-looking gay men every once in a while ... but I digress.

    Those lashes are so alluring and pretty, as is the whole makeup look. Less is more in the summertime for sure and the pink lips give it the right amount of interest and pop for a night time look. Fun fact: to decrease lipstick wear, lick lips before you sip from glass and it will prevent rub off!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway, check it out if you're interested!

    P.P.S. - Sorry for writing a short novel.

  6. This look is so simple, but it looks gorgeous!

  7. For summer time i love corals and peaches!!! You look so beautiful, your bone structure is amazing!

  8. This is so pretty! :) I love the lashes on you!

  9. You look so PRETTY! Ahh I am in love with those eyelashes! :) I agree, I am a total cozy-home person lol. I don't party or go to "da club" like everyone else in my age's not really my scene, and where I live, most clubs are actually really dangerous to go to. So I'm glad I'm not a partying type :) I don't think good guys dig that in a girl anyway :)

  10. You look sooooo beautiful! Soft classy makeup is my fav! And thank you for the bewbs! GOD BLESS YOUR BEWBS.

  11. look simple and cool, love ur lip

  12. This is beautiful, need to try this at the weekend!

  13. Beautiful!
    Oh my, I want this week to be over! Or at least I want the weekend to start as well!

  14. thank you beautiful ladies!!!

    @Kirsty: aww you're the best, thanks so much for making me smile so wide :D

    @Marusya: weird, but I shy away from red lips on a daily basis... I need to get over that!!

    @Meredith Jessica: girl, I love your short novel!!! thanks for writing it!!! and I totally agree with you about gay bars--they're in a category of their own. plus they're never disgustingly crowded b/c gay men understand a thing or two about comfort and aesthetics haha

    @Alexis: thank you honey!!!

    @Cerina: Yup, you got that right!!! I think clubs are cool for people who are addicted to dancing, but if you just want to hang out with your friends--not talking--there's just no better place for that than a cozy living room haha

    @Sonia: God Bless you Sonia!!! you crack me up :DDD

    @Yami: the weekend is almost here girl!!! here we come!!! hahaha

  15. Such a pretty look:) omg I love your lip color!! It looks amazing on you!!

  16. Hai love!! I'm so honored you asked for my advice!:) You came to the *right* person for a red rec! During summer when my skin is it's tannest I love Russian Red. It's bright but with a little bit of brick thrown it to warm it up which makes it perfect with a tan. Also, MUFE #42, a bright juicy raspberry red. Simply tdf! I think either of those would look gorgeous on you!:D <3333

  17. Maryam! Just to let you know, I followed your tutorial and did this look today and it looked amazing! I just wished I own a longer lasting liquid eye liber, I find that when I wear alot of eyeshadows with the fristy finish, my liquid liner doesnt stays! Do u have any advice? or am suppose to purchase a good liners instead? :p

  18. liquid liner** not liber!! haha :p sorry dear

  19. This look is Lucious!! So pretty, love the eye makeup and lip color!<3

  20. Love those lashes, you look beautiful (as usual!)

  21. maryam... you have nice boobs.
    but anyway haha. gorgeous makeup as always! i lvoe the super light pink lips

  22. Beautiful as always, doll! Pink (shirt) is super flattering on you, while it looks so bad on me. T_T
    Anyway, the lash accents are gorge! Will be looking for them next time I go shopping. ;)

  23. thank you guys!!!

    @Sonia: chica you're the best, I NEED some Russian Red in my life!!!

    @Kirsty: try the Clinique cream liner or Bobbi Brown gel liner, they are amazing!!!

    @Donna: lol... thanks...

    @Wendy: those lashes are crazy, i got them at Sally's beauty supply (I believe), you'll see them as soon as you hit the Kiss lashes section, they stand out like no other!!

  24. Love this make up! You already know that I'm obsessed with pink lips this summer...and this colour is perfect on you!!!!

  25. You are just perfect xoxox Can't stop looking at you! (in a non-weird stalker way) :\

  26. Hi! Liked what you used for the eye liner! Seems rich black I like!
    I blog about current Japanese beauty secrets you may like, so pl check it out! ThanX!


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