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Hello dear friends :))

Once again, I apologize for my brief hiatus... hope you can understand and embrace me back into the blogosphere :)) I have lots of material lined up for the remainder of the month, and to show you how serious I am, I'm even blogging on a Saturday. Today, I'm reviewing a mascara sent to me by KKCenterHK and I'm pretty excited because this product is probably the best freebie I've ever received, so my overly enthusiastic review isn't one bit exaggerated.
Click 'read more' to check out the before and afters and judge for yourself :))

Product: YANQINA 2 in 1 Classic & Dramatic Dazzle Mascara item #8804 on KKCenterHK's website

Info: This 2-in-1 mascara offers 2 looks with one great product. Step 1 yields a clean mascara wand and promises "natural and lifelike definition." Step 2 builds on top of step 1 and promises "full-on dramatic and naughty lashes." After 2 steps, lashes are "saturated with the richest black for maximum payoff in volume." This water-resistant mascara is said to "last all day without flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking." Does it deliver what it promises? I say HECK YES and this is why I think so:

Please follow along with me :)

BEFORE: here's my naked eye and curled lashes without any product. My bottom lashes are not visible at all because unfortunately I cannot curl them down... In general, my eyelashes are your typical asian lashes: very straight and very short. The only thing I like about them is that they're black, otherwise they're pretty useless.

Step 1: I untwisted the cap marked "Step 1" and found a relatively clean wand with minimal product on it. Skeptical at first, I ran the wand through my eyelashes. Surprisingly, the product separated and defined my lashes with just 1 coat, making them appear darker and longer; though still very natural, as if I had no mascara on. At this point, I couldn't really tell the consistency of the product, nor how it worked. All I knew was that I was intrigued and eager to move on to the next step :)) 
Here's what my lashes looked like after 
1 coat of "Step 1" over the top lashes:

Step 2: After untwisting the cap marked "Step 2", I examined the wand that was now filled with gel-like, stringy-looking product. I brushed the mascara over the first coat and noticed the stringy particles sticking to the base and building up the length and volume of my lashes. The gel-like, flexible consistency made it very easy to mold the shape of the lashes, while leaving the ends very fine and sharp. Moreover, the mascara did not weigh down my lashes or undo the curl. At this point, I started to think that I was experiencing something very different and unique when it comes to lash products.
"Step 1" + "Step 2"
pretty dramatic indeed
no falsies here!!!

The Verdict: After only two coats or "2 steps" of this magical mascara by Yanqina, I felt as if my tiny Mongol eyelashes were transformed into long, luscious, thick Middle Eastern ones :) I have never seen such a dramatic result from a mascara and after wearing it all day, I found no "flaking, streaking, smudging or smearing" in sight. Bottom line: this product took my lashes to a whole new height and totally delivered what it promised. So much so that I even wore it alone, without any other supplemental makeup other than my mineral foundation... What can I say, I'm impressed :)))


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. I've never heard of this brand but your lashes look awesome!

  2. This is the first time I've heard of this brand, which is crazy, as I am incredibly addicted to mascara. I use mascara on my lashes with about a million coats! This looks incredible and has piqued my interest a lot.

  3. What an AWESOME mascara! Your lashes look insane!

  4. that looks great! especially in the 3rd to last picture.


  5. Oh my gosh! I want your lashes!!!

    This seems like such a great mascara. I need something like this for my stubborn, short, sparse eyelashes! haha.

  6. This makes your lashes so long!! Its insane~ I also got this mascara but I have not tried it yet~

  7. Wow your lashes are amazing. I know the mascara helps but you have the lashes to work with in the first place!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

  8. I have never heard of this brand before but it sounds like thats something I need! I hate having to wear lashes everytime cus I dont have time to apply them! this sounds heaven!!

  9. your lashes look great!

    hoping you'll follow back

  10. Va-va-voom lashes! Don't complain about your genes/race giving you small lashes, they gave you amazing-everything-else!
    And we understand, no worries *hug* haha

  11. Very nice! This stuff looks like it works great!!

  12. thanks girls!! i've never heard of this brand either until I was sent this... hey, whatever is in it--it works :))

  13. Wow!! Your lashes look amazing - thanks for sharing! I will have to try it out.

    I just became your newest follower! Would love for you to check out the blog I just started with my sister and follow us back if you'd like! :)

    Also, check out the giveaway we are doing for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!



  14. omggggggggggg =O ur lashes looked 1432222156457x longer!!!! =O.. well u already have pretty long lashes soo that helped to but soo jealous that u can even see ur lashes when its not a closeup picture!! =O i want that mascara!! =D


  15. btwww I just watched this makeup tutorial by pixi2woo and she used this mascara!! but its a different brand. its Bourjois which I think i can find it very easily in canada!! =D that way i dont have to order it online =O .. i think the one u got is the asian version but still the same good stuff inside =D ehhe i think its going under my wishlist =D


  16. OMG! That mascara made your NICE lashes to AMAZING lashes! No kidding! Your lashes are pretty long to begin with, but with the mascara..they're WOW!

  17. Wow that is impressive!! Your lashes look amazing! xx

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