Friday, August 26, 2011

Nail Jewels

Salut mes amis,

Quick nail post today, using my recently won nail polishes from Yami's giveaway, do check out her blog because she's dope :)) For this nail look, I used:

  • Sinful Colors Open Seas polish for base (the color of Tiffany's Box)
  • Old Navy glitter polish for tips (Gold, green and turquoise glitter; I've had this polish since I was about 12 and it's still as good as new)
  • Sinful Colors Verbena & Beautiful Girl for marbling the accent nail (Purple & Pink)

My water marbling didn't go so well, hence the reason why I only have one accent nail left with the swirls--the others were way off. I'm excited to practice more water marbling, so as soon as I master the skill, I will show and share :))
Pretty Darn Close to Tiffany's...

Here's a closer look against a white background

And here's my beautiful prize lined up in a pretty swirl, inspiring me to try more water marbling :)

Have you tried water marbling on your nails?


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. Ooooooooh, a Tiffany's manicure? I do! I do!!

  2. I've never tried water marbling but I have definitely been interested in it! I watch YouTube videos and they make it look so easy, haha. Love the nails!

  3. I haven't!
    Those nail polishes look so pretty all lined up, hahah :)

  4. love that color, if only i had more patience to do my nails!

  5. I love water marbling! It is a bit messy but fun and soo satisfying once you know how! ^_^ Those nail polishes looks divine! how jealous! ^_^

  6. Recently I've been lustering over the mint colour. I think its great colour. Barry does variety of mint green too! ;)

  7. i got that nail polish for my bestie, along with 2 other greenish/blue colors! :) it looks lovely!!!

  8. oh i haven't tried marbling..i'm lazy to do it, but the designs are amazing!

  9. I love the concept/theme.... your so creative i like it!


  10. gorgeous mani! i love the glittery shade that you won....i've never tried water marbling but it looks super cool

    Vonnie of

  11. For Audrey by China Glaze is what the polish world considers the "Tiffany Box" color. But I have to admit this looks pretty darn close! I also agree that I love how creative you are in your concepts (:

  12. LOVE the nails! Congrats on winning the giveaway, the polishes are awesome!

  13. I promise to master water marbling and share my tips and tricks haha :))

    @ami: thanks for the correction, i totally forgot to mention that about China Glaze, though I meant to haha...

  14. So prettyful :) I love the colors, which I have too. Sinful Colors is seriously a freaking great nail polish brand!

  15. Will be purchasing Open Seas when I go to the US this week...soo pretty!

  16. Congrats on your winning! I love the signature shade of Tiffany & Co ~ That shade looks great against your skintone!

  17. What a gorgeous colour. So so so pretty! And how about that prize!? Beautiful colours!! xoxoxox

  18. How pretty! I love how your nails look. :D
    I've tried water marbling but it was a small success haha.

  19. I love that colour!! I've always wanted to try sinful color nailpolishes cause I see them all over the beauty blog world. But I live in Canada and I haven't seen any around. Maybe when I make a trip to the states I'll pick some up. You've got some great colours there :D ohhhh & I've tired water marbling maybe about two times and it was a fail lol. Maybe I'll try again soon and use different techniques to see which works best. :) can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

  20. This looks awesome! I've never tried water marbleing, but now I want to!!:)


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