Sunday, August 14, 2011

Smokey Summer Rain

Bonjour les filles!!

Happy summer rainy days everyone :)) I love summer rain and could sleep all day hearing the raindrops beat against my window, it is such a soothing sound... August is one of my favorite months, not only because it's summer, but also because of all the great people who celebrate it as their birth month. So, Happy Birthday to Kenya who turns the BIG 3-0 today & to my bro & sis who turned 4 on Friday!!! Yaaayyyy & roooarrrr for all the amazing LEOS in my life!!!

In my maquillage du jour or makeup of the day, I'm featuring another ready-to-wear look: a simple, silver / gray smokey eye using my NYX Smokey Eye palette in honor of the rain gods :)) Hope you likey...
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A classic gray smokey eye is a "must-know" for every girl in her makeup repertoire. The smokey eye look is chic, flattering, and easy; plus, it can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. I love the smokey eye on rainy days, hence I'm pulling it out today :)) Here's my NYX Smokey Eye palette that made it all possible :)

To achieve the eye look, start with a good primer (NYX white base or Urban Decay primer potion)
  1. Using a flat stiff brush and patting motions, apply the lighter silver shadow all over your lid, staying under the crease.
  2. Next, apply a darker silver to the outer corner using the same brush and technique. This step gives the eye more dimension and smokiness.
  3. Take a warm matte brown shadow on a fluffy dome shaped brush and blend out the edges of the silver using windshield wiper motions. The shadow should be applied on the crease or slightly above the crease.
  4. Clean the fluffy dome brush and "erase" or blend out the edges of the brown using the same windshield wiper technique.
  5. Add a highlight to the inner corner and at the high point of your brow arch.
  6. Line the top lash line (optional) and apply mascara. I like a bit of sharpness with my smokey eye, so I usually line :)
Above is my favorite summer rain picture taken by moi, while living in Paris a couple years ago. I was coming back from an Erasmus (EU student exchange program) outing in Montmartre and was sitting cozy inside the bus on my hour bus ride back home. I lived on the border of 6th & 14th arrondissements (all the way across town from Montmartre)... I remember feeling very content and melancholy while taking this pic and now I know why...



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