Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Princess in PINK

Hey hey beauty lovers :))

As promised, today's post is a personal photo update, a makeup look and a tutorial in one--so get ready, it's gonna be a long read. The maquillage I'm featuring is a "pink-and-princess-themed" makeup look I wore to a kiddie party to represent a princess, though not a specific one. Last weekend was my 4-year-old brother and sister's bday and we threw them a small "royal bash" to celebrate the occasion. They love anything and everything related to princes, princesses, kings and queens (my bro is more into knights and sorcerers), so all the guests had to dress appropriately. Sadly, both of them caught a bad cold and the party had to be postponed to a later date, but the parents decided not to waste the decorations and still hold a small family affair just to make the kiddies feel extra special. Being a crazy older sister, I had a gown planned and all, however, after hearing the bad news, I set my princess attire aside and settled for a tiara (borrowed from my sis) and lots of PINK all over. Here's my everyday princess makeup look worn to my brother and sister's 4th bday bash.
Read more for pix, details, descriptions, makeup how-to, swatches, personal snippets and more!!

The Maquillage: Frosty cool pink on the eyes, glossy warm pink on the lips & rosy pink blush on the cheeks. I typically don't like to wear one color all over, but in this case, I went for it since it was a kiddie party after all. In an effort not to look too TOO costume-y, I made sure that the shades of my makeup and accessories were slightly different from one another. Looking at the pix now, I could see myself wearing this eye makeup to a grown-up party, but I would pair it with a nude or clear glossy lip and zero pink in my clothing to make it more sophisticated and wearable :)

For my EYES, I used: 

On my LIPS, I used:

Tips on PIGMENTS:  
  • Fixing sprays like MAC Fix + spray or simple H2O help a great deal in the application process when sprayed directly on the brush.
  • Have a tissue handy and place it under your eye when applying the pigments to catch the fallout.
  • Use a good sticky base like a NYX jumbo eye pencil over your primer and under the pigment. Pigments need something to adhere to :)
  • Use tape to remove any fallout from your under-eye area. 

Finally, if you're interested in recreating this makeup look, here's how you do it :))
Maryam's MAQUILLAGE how-to: 
  1. Apply your primer and a sticky base. I used NYX white base because it's a primer and a sticky base in one.
  2. Using a flat, stiff eyeshadow brush and patting motions, apply the bright pink shadow all over your lid and slightly above the crease.
  3. Using the same brush and technique, apply the second pink shadow to the edge of the first pink. Blend the two colors together to create dimension.
  4. Apply the shimmery metallic shadow over the center of the lid and to the inner corner.
  5. Line the top lash line and wing out the liner. Line the outer third of the lower lash line and smear the line with your pinky for a bit of smokiness.
  6. Add half lashes / lash accents and mascara to your natural lashes.

Pink on Pink on Pink overKILL ME NOW (but kids like it :)

My sis Hani about to blow out her candles. This pic was kinda blurry and needed to be posterized. 

My bro Rashid feeding me his bday cake. When he shares, he scores BIG with his Maryam-apai :))


Maryam Maquillage
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