Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lucky EYE$

Hello old friends and new :))

First and foremost, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of my followers & fellow bloggers for your continued support. Your questions, comments, suggestions and advice have been my driving force to continue this blogging journey. I am truly honored, flattered, humbled and inspired by your kindness and acceptance--Thank You so much everyone!!! I'm thinking of ways to celebrate my readers... perhaps a giveaway? Stay tuned :)))

In today's post, you'll find:
  • pictures of my makeup of the day 
  • step-by-step tutorial / how-to
  • list of products used
Read more!!

OK, so the preview pic doesn't do this makeup any justice... I only chose it b/c I know my readers prefer to view better quality pictures, and as much as I would love to deliver HQ every time, I don't always have my "photographer" with me. Since he is away on business this week ::sad face::, I'm forced to take my own pix. Hence, I must resort to Photobooth and my PowerShot, b/c the D90 is way too heavy to take self pix and my tripod is sadly a di-pod and needs its third leg fixed. On to the maquillage!

The Look: Gold, Green, Nude & Sparkly in a wearable, daytime smokey cat eye. I've forgotten how much I love green eyeshadow and how well they emphasize my little brownies (as well as green and hazel eyes). 

Products Used: 
  1. Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow from the Deluxe Shadow Box (inner third of the lid)
  2. UD Mildew e/s from the Ammo Palette (outer third of the lid)
  3. UD Zero e/s (outer "v")
  4. UD Naked e/s from the Naked Palette (to blend out harsh lines)
  5. Too Faced Peach Fuzz e/s (middle of the lid)

Makeup How to: 
  1. Prime the lids
  2. Using a small pointed fluffy brush (see pic), apply the green shadow to the outer third of the lid and above the crease. Lift the color up rather than dragging it to the side, creating a slight cat eye effect
  3. Clean the brush and apply the gold shadow to the inner third of the lid (not the inner corner) and above the crease, leaving the middle of the lid blank
  4. Using a flat brush and patting motions, apply the glittery peach color to the blank center of the lid
  5. Blend out the harsh edges of the green and gold using a soft brown or nude eye shadow on a large fluffy brush
  6. To add more dimension to the eye, emphasize the outer "v" (created by the outer corner and the crease) using a black shadow on a pencil brush
  7. Line the top lash line using a gel or cream liner by dragging the brush along the lashes, keeping the line fine and subtle
  8. Curl your lashes and add mascara to top and bottom lashes

I paired the eye makeup with a clear gloss over some light brown lipliner, though in this pic it seems as though I ate it all... I really like the gold and green eyeshadow combination because it reminds me of a lot of different concepts such as: luck, greed, foliage, dollars, earth, envy, and so many more. For today, I'll go with luck... I'm on a high horse :))


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