Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Red Lash Special

Ni-hao dear friends :))

In today's post, I'm reviewing a pair of red hot lashes I got from KKCenterHK and featuring a costume-y makeup look inspired by the lashes. Because I've seen way too many Jessica Rabbit makeup recreations on blogs and YouTube, I decided to do something a lil different. My interpretation is slightly darker, more along the lines of McQueen and Gaga, if you get my drift (though these falsies would be perfect for a JR costume, dahling). Here's my creation, hope you like this freaky me :)))
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KKCenterHK's false lashes item number FE190
Name: Red Curly with White Stone False Lashes
Includes: 1 pair of lashes, tray, case (does not include glue)
Price: $3.50
Description: Big, bold, red, dramatic costume lashes perfect for any dress-up party or Halloween.
Quality: Excellent and I'm super impressed! The hair fibers on these lashes are woven very tightly into the band, so these can be used many times (I'm pretty sure they will not shed). The material is synthetic but not overly shiny, so they look rather expensive compared to other costume lashes I've tried in the past. The shape of these is different from most costume lashes--the outer corners are flared and curled and the inner corners are cut shorter (more flattering than a straight cut). Finally, the rhinestones on top of the lash give it a nice pop of bling :))

Packaging: Since these lashes are meant to be used and reused, packaging is imperative and unlike many other costume lashes, these come in a hard clear case rather than a flimsy piece of plastic. This case makes for great storage and keeps the lashes dust-free.

Verdict: For $3.50 a pair, I would definitely repurchase these with my own money.

Now, on to some close-ups!

Themes / feelings: Angular, tribal, geometric, strange, edgy, robotic, dark, extra terrestrial... 
Who's Bad...
letting my hair down ;p
Bad Robot


Maryam Maquillage

Photo Credits: Le Var (merci!!)


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