Monday, August 22, 2011

Turn Up the Neutrals

Salut mes amis :))

Happy Monday to meee cuz I'm finally freee (from school)... This week, I'm planning on blogging more often--I have maaad time and I'm gonna take this week to enjoy it!! Believe it or not, blabbing about beauty relaxes me and puts me in the best of spirits :)) Here's an amped up neutral makeup look I wore this weekend to my bestie's bbq--hope you likey :))
Read more for pix, details, close-ups, etc.

For the EYES, I used mostly Urban Decay shadows from various palettes (I'm addicted to UD)
On my CHEEKS, I'm wearing a purplish-pinkish blush from a Coastal Scents blush palette. I like to apply the color to the backs of my cheekbones, closer to the hair line, especially when I have a lot going on with my eyes and lips. I don't wear blush on an everyday basis, only when I know I'll be taking pictures.

On my LIPS, I'm wearing Revlon lipstick in Wink for Pink (creme formula). I looove this lipstick, it's very creamy, shiny and pigmented; plus, it really does a great job of freshening up any makeup look.
This makeup is my transitional day to night look. The shimmery / glittery Maui Wowie eyeshadow glistens in the sunlight and adds just enough sparkle to take it from day to evening. This eyeshadow photographs really well, so it's also perfect for a party :))
I finished off my look with a simple braid and big hoop earrings. I only wear hoops when my hair is up and away from my face, to add a little "trashiness" to a rather simple, classic hair style. To me, braids always make me look a little too innocent, so I always try to counter-balance that ;)

Q: What's your favorite feature to play up?


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