Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golden Coral Girl

Bonjour mes amis :))

Hope this post finds you in the best of spirits!! My spirits are rock solid as always, and can not be shaken no matter how hard anyone tries to rock the boat hehe... As some of you may know, my blog content (as well as other bloggers' content) has been stolen and though it's super lame, I'm making LAMEONADE and handling it the serious route. The spammer has been reported for abuse in areas of copyright infringement, impersonation and spam and I've done my best to contact other bloggers who have been affected by this. I'm also taking precautions and posting this at the end of every blog post, because I am copyrighted:

Maryam Maquillage © 2011-2012.

On to more positive news and my maquillage du jour, I'm finishing the month off with a fun, flirty daytime look perfect for tan summer skin plus some snippets from my life. Here's a preview ;)
and a quality up-close :)
Read more for pix of makeup, food, life & moi :)

The Maquillage: wear this look anywhere and for any occasion. Gold brings out every eye color and coral lipstick looks great against any skin tone. These pix were taken about a month ago, so my tan wasn't quite in full glory, though my hair already started lightening up as it does every summer.

To achieve this makeup look, I used my Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette for the eyes and Nars Niagara on my lips. I filled in my eyebrows with a brown pencil instead of my usual charcoal to match my lighter hair a bit better. I find it weird that my brows stay black no matter the season and the hair on my head couldn't be more sensitive to the sun. Must be my mix!!
  1. Prime the eyes with a primer (Urban Decay primer potion or NYX white base)
  2. Using a flat brush and swift patting motions, apply the gold all over your lid (staying under the crease) 
  3. Using a fluffy brush and windshield wiper motions, apply a matte taupe color to your crease blending well with the gold
  4. To deepen the crease, apply a matte brown shadow to the outer "v" and under the lower lash line using a pencil brush
  5. Blend out the outer "v" with a fluffy brush
  6. Highlight the inner corner with a pearly white shadow using any brush
  7. Line the top lash line with a black or brown gel liner and wing it out. My fave is Clinique cream liner in True Black and Black Honey (shimmery brown). 
  8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes


Nars Niagara lipstick is the most gorgeous lip color ever--it brightens the complexion without being too loud or over the top. It is my favorite daytime lipstick hands dooown!! For $24 a pop, I would love to find a cheaper dupe, but the quality is unmatchable, so I guess it's well worth it.

Now, on to some summerly snippets :))) 

1. THERE'S JUST NOTHING LIKE: home-made Sangria on a hot summer day...

2. THERE'S JUST NOTHING LIKE: Mama's fresh cold borsch on a hot summer day mmm... I just LOVE having a RUSSIAN mother!!! Love you mama <3

3. THERE'S JUST NOTHING LIKE: Eclectic naturemortes... fruits, real cotton balls, roses, vintage glassware, and plateware from Uzbekistan, Portugal & Central America

sitting in the shade after a great dinner and drinks, 
under the influence tree on a hot summer day...
Random thought: Don't stress, distress... your jeans, that is :)) 
Also, don't forget to make lameonade out of any lameness that life throws your way :)))


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. Wooooow! It looks soooo pretty! I like this look! Wanna try it as well! (:

  2. Aww you look so beautiful as always! And I am loving your outfit! So cute!! I love Sangria! The are amazing!!! gimme gimme gimmee!

  3. Your adorable and sorry someone was taking your content. So lame I have someone who repeatedly posts very similar stuff to mine and it's so annoying. Anyhow you look lovely and I will def be purchasing that lipstick!!! Xo

  4. Lovely look & that sangria looks delicious

  5. Fuuu are you serious?! I hate those dang spammers/impersonators/copycats ;( I'm so sorry that happened to you :(
    BUT I'm happy your spirit cannot be broken :) "nobody gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving" lol random cheesy song from my childhood haha.
    You lookbso pretty in gold! :D

  6. So beautiful! As always!
    Love that lipstick on you!

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!


  7. That is the best attitude to have always fight back and hoping the spammer will be stopped x

  8. I love the lip color!!!

  9. thanks so much for the support y'all!!! it means so much to me :)))

  10. Hi hunny

    Love what your doing. Lip stick shade is perfect. Love the pinks and corals. Miss yah. Take care.

  11. UGHH!! Irritated! This actually happened to my facebook page, very weird and annoying and had to keep the smile on my face and make lameonade out of it!

    You look gorgeous as always and I love your "There's nothing like.." list! :)

  12. Umm...Boobs. Bewbs boobs boobs, your eyboobs are just glowing. And your boobs, boobs! BOOBS!

  13. Gawgeous dahling. The makeup looks like it was inspired by the Sangria which looks SO delicious by the way. And that's saying a lot because I'm pretty hungover.

  14. I look at it like haters, or in this case spammers are your biggest fans. You definitely have the right attitude about it though :) You look beautiful as always.


  15. You look great sweety, I enjoyed the pics ;-)

  16. niagara is soooo pretty! and gorgeous pics the sangria looks soooo nice, xx

  17. LOL @ Sonia's comment!!!

    Anyway, lovely as per usual. Have you considered watermarking your photos with your blog name or address? I do that on every photo in case my pictures are ever to be taken & posted elsewhere.

  18. These people who steal blog posts are just disgusting!
    On a brighter note, las night I was wearing peach eyeshadow, and drinking yummy white sangria! Hahaha! :)

  19. Love the color combo! you look gorgeous as always :)

  20. the first picture is beyond adorable!!! wow your mom is russian! i wish to try that drink your mom made. i love diferent cultures :) super eye makeup. <3

  21. Gorgeous!!!

    XOXO, CC

  22. You look like a model!!

  23. Ooh, loving your lip color! Your eyes look super pretty! Plus yummy food and drink. ;)

  24. Lovely!! I love the lip color it is amazing! MM Sangria is the best!!
    I can't believe they stole you content! But I am glad that you handle it so well :D

  25. Cute outfit! Also, I love borscht! I had grandparents that had German, Russian, and Polish ancestry so I used to be able to have different kinds of borscht all the time!

  26. You look gorgeous in coral!!<3 And your skin is so pretty! Love the makeup look!


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