Thursday, July 14, 2011

French Braided for Bastille Day!!

Joyeux le Quatorze Juillet mes amis Français!!!

BASTILLE DAY is a French national holiday, and though I'm not exactly Française, I'll be celebrating anyway because after living in Paris for some time, the French culture has become a big part of my life that I just can't escape & nor do I want to!! To commemorate the big day, I'll be spending the evening with my beau, a couple bouteilles du vin, some escargot, paté, fromage and a game of pétanque at our local French hot spot. Our dinner is in a couple of hours, so before I sortie (go out), I want to write a quick post showing the Frenchies some love. So, Viva la France!!!

INSPIRATION: Here's Miss Amelie herself, the gorgeous Audrey Tautou, who was my muse for this French-inspired beauty / hair post. I love just about everything about this photo -- from the quirkiness of her smile to the flawless natural makeup to the cute French braided up-do. Though the hairstyle isn't quite what we Americans consider a "French braid", it still captures it's whimsical and romantic essence.

FRENCH BRAID: I don't know why the French braid is referred to as "French" (in France, it is actually called an African braid--plait Africaine), but since the title stuck, I'll just refer to it as that. I personally really suck at braiding and anything hair-related for that matter (hence my lack of hair posts), but I really wish I had the talent and finger coordination to create some of the masterpieces that are so in right now. I searched google images for pictures of French braids and got tons of results of celebrities and models rocking this beautiful hairstyle. Check out some of my favorites and let me know what you think of the French braid. How many of you are this skilled and if so, please tell me how you do it, cuz YouTube has not been very helpful... haha :)))

1. First pic is NOT a celebrity, just little ol' me, braided by my dad's awesome wifey. She told me she hasn't done it in a while and needs to practice. That's great, because I'm gonna to put her to work since there are quite a few styles on google images I'd like her to attempt hehe... Anyway, this is what I consider a true French braid where the side hairs are weaved into the actual center braid. I like that this braid isn't perfect and the loose strands give it a beach-y vibe... (y'all know how much I love the beach) 

2. Nicole Richie's hair is always amazing and has inspired me yet again. I love the side braids, they remind me of a milk maid from Denmark or Sweden... über cool!!! Also love her sun-kissed glow--very Cali :))

3. Another take on the side French braid is worn by Jessica Alba and this one is very knotty, punky, fresh and chill. I have no idea where to even begin to think about how to make this, but I'd sure like to have a hairstylist!!! I would wear this with a wife beater and some jean shorts and call it a day...

4. Braided bangs?! Say word! Now that I have bangs, I often want to pin them up -- off and away from my face and this would be a perfect solution, if I knew how to do this, of course. I think this style is super sweet and creative and I have a feeling it would look awesome on me... haha!!

5. This one has got to be my favorite!!! I mean just look how dainty and ultra feminine this lovely little braid is!!! Again, if I knew how, I'd wear this style every time I needed to look innocent :)))

6. Even though this is not her hair and you can clearly see her roots on the sides, the clown wig has been tamed rather nicely on Rihanna. This is another milk maid-ish style that desperately calls for a corset :p & I likesss it!!

7. Finishing off with another winner worn by Amanda Seyfried. This French braid style is classic, timeless, feminine, and romantic. I simply love it!

Last but not least, here's moi, wearing the double trouble french braids a few years ago... The girl who did my hair is one of 2 people that I know who can do this, and I find this fact absolutely fascinating.

How many of you know how to braid and live in the NY/NJ area?? Just kidding... not really ;p


Maryam Maquillage

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